Diablo Immortal: Best New Legendary Items in August 16 Update

August 16 Update
August 16 Update Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

The latest update for Diablo Immortal brought new Legendary items to the game. Each class received six new legendaries, but which ones are the best?

Blizzard seems to love Whirlwind Barbarians because the new legendary shoulders, Wreckfall, reduces all damage taken by X% while channeling Whirlwind. This is especially useful for those taking on more difficult content, such as the Helliquary or higher level Challenge Rifts.

For PvP Demon Hunters, the Spreading Shroud Chest is definitely a godsend. That’s because casting Smoke Screen will now throw a smoke bomb at a targeted location, dealing continuous damage and reducing the vision of the enemies in its area of effect.

Necromancers who love using Golems in their build will definitely love the new Inseverable Two headgear. This makes the Bone Golem summoned by the Command Golem ability take X% of your incoming damage, giving you more survivability.

Here are the other noteworthy Legendary items added in the latest patch for Diablo Immortal:

  • Armor Caste (Chest)
    • Furious Charge creates shock waves when colliding with walls, dealing X damage to nearby enemies and Stunning them for Y seconds.
  • The Hewer (Main Hand)
    • Grab now causes you to charge forward and grab the first enemy you hit. If you successfully grab an enemy, you will carry them for a short distance, damaging enemies you run through, before leaping into the air and slamming them into the ground, damaging and Slowing nearby enemies.
  • Shining Aster (Shoulders)
    • Increases all damage you deal during Conjuration of Light by X%.
Demon Hunter
  • Clutching Nails (Pants)
    • Knife Trap now confines nearby enemies when triggered and increases all damage you deal to them.
  • Decisive Report (Shoulders)
    • Multishot now knocks enemies away. This cannot affect players more often than one time every six seconds.
  • Assemble the Wicked Tonfa (Off-hand)
    • Exploding Palm now gathers nearby enemies into a cluster directly in front of you. Maximum one charge.
  • Fusing Crown (Head)
    • Mystic Allies now protect you, taking X% of your incoming damage.
  • Empty Pit (Pants)
    • Dark Curse now summons a cursed eye that forces nearby monsters to attack it.
  • Ethereal Boundary (Chest)
    • Activating Wraith Form removes all effects which cause loss of control or decreased Movement Speed.
  • Extraction Harness (Shoulders)
    • Teleport now also removes the last harmful effect applied to you.
  • Fragments Upon Fragments (Pants)
    • Meteor now drops several meteorites in a direction, knocking enemies away and Stunning them.

So, which of these new legendaries is your favorite?

Diablo Immortal August 16 Update is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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