Diablo II: Resurrected Suffers from Frequent Server Crashes

Diablo II Resurrected
Diablo II Resurrected Blizzard

When Diablo II: Resurrected launched in late September, it was plagued by several issues, including the inability to log into the game and random crashes. After a few weeks, players still cannot play the game consistently as it suffers from frequent crashing to this day.

Fans went to Reddit to discuss this issue. According to Redditor @M4XVLTG3, Blizzard said that the cause of the server crashes is the game’s authentication servers. They added that this problem may likely stem from those who are offering item drop authentication services.

They went further that the reason why they bought the remaster was to play with their friends online. However, with the constant crashing and server issues, they’ve become disappointed and frustrated in what they consider a great game.

Another user said that the developers may not even have a clue what the issue actually is or how to fix it. They added that players must brace themselves as this dilemma may not go away soon.

Aside from people being unable to play Resurrected with their friends online, there is another issue with the servers crashing abruptly. Whenever it does, all progress that the player has made will be lost. So, if they have acquired something rare or valuable and the server crashed, they are likely to lose that item.

One Redditor explained that the player will only lose the progress made in the last game before the server crashed. Redditor @placebo1235 replied that they did a Baal run and leveled up from 39 to 40. But when the servers were restored, their progress was lost as their character reverted to level 39, reinforcing what the previous Redditor said.

Players can still enjoy the game right now, albeit they have to resort to playing it in single-player mode until the developers have a permanent solution to the problem.

It is such a shame that Resurrected is bogged down by these crashing issues. The developers did a good job of making ladder-only items obtainable in single-player, and they also added new features that make the title even more accessible than ever. But they have to double down on ironing out any kinks in the game’s servers so that people can enjoy what the remaster has to offer.

Have you played Diablo II: Resurrected recently? If so, have you experienced server crashes during your runs?

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