Diablo II Resurrected: More Accessibility Options Revealed

Diablo II Resurrected
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It seems that the remastered version of Diablo II keeps getting better and better. The developers will add more quality-of-life improvements, as well as more accessibility options to the game, which will hopefully provide a better and more meaningful experience for everyone.

Drew McCrory, design and UX accessibility lead for Diablo II: Resurrected, has shared his thoughts about the additional improvements that can be expected in the game.

Aside from the complete visual overhaul, McCrory said that making the game accessible to as many players as possible is one area where Resurrected can be improved.

More Accessible

In a previous post, the developers have already added some quality-of-life improvements to the game, like the option to automatically pick gold up from the ground, adding a bigger shared stash, and more.

McCrory said that there are certainly more things that they can improve before the game’s launch. Here are just some of them:

“Miss” Text When Fighting Enemies

In the original game, when your character attacks an enemy, there is no visual confirmation that your attack was effective. Sure, there was an audio cue, but McCrory thinks that it is not “loud” enough.

Because of this, the developers have added a “Miss” text in the remaster. This should tell you that the enemy dodged your attack. This may be seen as a minor improvement yet is very useful for a lot of people.

Additional Key Bindings

ARPGs tend to have plenty of skills and abilities available. While some abilities are already bound to select buttons by default, the developers have opted to set the total bindable keys to twelve.

According to McCrory, you are allowed to bind all skills and actions to these keys. You can even assign the interact, trade, and other neutral skills if you wish.

Item Display

In the original , you must press and hold the Alt key to know the items that you can pick up from the ground. Because there can be so many items at a time, it can be tedious to hold the Alt key.

In Resurrected, you will have the option to see the items on the ground just by pressing a button once (like a toggle; probably still the Alt key) or holding that button down like in the original. The choice is yours.

More Audio Options

One problem in the original game is that the audio settings are not as refined as modern games. If you wanted to tone down, say, the combat sound effects, you’d have to decrease the master volume, which would affect the other sound effects.

In the remastered version, every sound effect, such as voices, monsters, and combat, can be adjusted individually. Do you want to tone down audio levels just for monster hits? You can do that in the upcoming game.

It looks like the developers are implementing many good things based on community feedback. Making the game more accessible to as many people as possible will surely help Resurrected become a popular choice among gamers.

What do you think? Do you like all of the accessibility options that will be available to you in Diablo II: Resurrected?

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