Devs Behind Last of Us, Uncharted Are Helping Out With Call Of Duty 2019

Naughty Dog devs are working with Infinity Ward on the upcoming Call of Duty's story mode.
For the upcoming Call of Duty 2019 title, Infinity Ward enlists ex-Naughty Dog devs for their story-telling expertise.
For the upcoming Call of Duty 2019 title, Infinity Ward enlists ex-Naughty Dog devs for their story-telling expertise. Infinity Ward

Development on the Call of Duty 2019 installment is well underway over at Infinity Ward, and it seems they've enlisted some of the talent behind The Last of Us and Uncharted to help out.

In an atypical announcement from Infinity Ward, we now know that two ex-Naughty Dog developers have teamed up with their studio to work on the upcoming title's story mode. Naughty Dog, as some of you may know, is the game development studio behind The Last of Us franchise and the Uncharted franchise, both of which have award-winning game plots and truly compelling story-telling behind their unique gameplay and design.

With all signs pointing to the next Call of Duty title being Modern Warfare 4, the upcoming release has a lot of weight on its shoulders, story-wise. After all, the first three Modern Warfare titles are widely considered as masterfully-crafted campaigns with a compelling story told across three installments in a span of fours years (2007-2011). If they're going to keep up with that trend, it seems Infinity Ward wanted some expert advice on some of the best video game story-tellers in the industry.

While we've known for a while now that the upcoming Call of Duty title will be having a story mode, it's excellent news worth hearing that they're putting some substantial effort into the campaign. The previous title, Black Ops 4, while thoroughly enjoyable, was met with a lot of criticism for having no story mode or single player modes whatsoever. If the recent efforts made by Infinity Ward are a way to make up for the lack of story in last year's installment, then we wish them luck and we're definitely looking forward to seeing their work come to fruition.

Notably, this isn’t the first time the folks at Naughty Dog offered a helping hand to Infinity Ward. For the 2016 Call of Duty title, Infinite Warfare, Naughty Dog devs were also involved with the development of the game’s story mode. If you haven’t played Infinite Warfare, then let’s just say it was a great story that made for a truly satisfying play-through. If that level of effort and ingenuity can be expressed in Modern Warfare 4, then we might have ourselves one hell of a story mode.

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