Devour Invites You to The Town and Try to Eliminate a Demon

Experience a new horror.
Experience a new horror. Twitter/@DEVOUR_GAME

A new update has been released for Devour which introduces a new map. There are also new Cult Rank icons and Titles for those who love to grind. Expect to see new perks as well as new outfits.

The new map is known as The Town, which takes players to a town in California known as Mercy. This is an abandoned gold rush mining town said to be stalked by malevolent spirits of its long-dead inhabitants. In addition, it’s also considered the birthplace of a demonic cult called The Watchers of Azazel.

For this new map, players get to uncover the secrets the town holds - cult member Sam McCaul has found a way to summon Azazel. The problem is he’s been possessed and unable to control the rather horrifying entity.

Players need to work together to eliminate the demon by locating ritual books, cursing them at pentagrams, and then burning them at Mercy's abandoned church. Watch out though since Sam has a rather good aim. By the way, for this new map, players have the chance to learn more about the past through letters discarded around the town along with a series of unique pieces of art.

Cult Ranks

For those who want to become a master of the game, players should be happy to know that new Cult Rank icons and Titles are available for those who want to show their skill and prestige. These are:

  • Harbinger (Rank 100)
  • Corrupted One (Rank 200)
  • Dark Apostle (Rank 300)
  • Awful Visionary (Rank 400)
  • Destroyer (Rank 500)
  • Fallen Angel (Rank 600)
  • Azazel Incarnate (Rank 666, max Rank).

New Content

Below are some of the new content that everyone can enjoy:

  • New Perks
    • Fast Worker: Long interacts (not including revive) are 50% faster.
    • Under Pressure: Long interacts (including revive) are 150% faster for the last player alive (co-op only).
  • New Outfits
  • Sam "Paparazzi" Outfit
    • Can now be purchased at the in-game shop.
  • Town Robes
    • These are new robes that players can work for and collect in The Town:
      • Hard Mode
      • Nightmare Mode
      • Collect all Horseshoes
      • Burn 1,000 Books

Check out the new update here.

Devour is available on PC. It’s currently being offered on Steam at a 20% discount until April 3.

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