Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Now On Nintendo Switch

Learn more about Dante.
Learn more about Dante. Capcom

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is now available for the Nintendo Switch. This release means that Switch players can finally experience even more over the top stylish action. The game is available for $19.99.

In addition to the stylish action, the release for the Switch gives details of how Dante’s “Devil May Cry” shop had its start. Players can get details of Dante's long-running rivalry with his twin brother Vergil. As a result, players also get the chance to play as Vergil. The Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition comes with a survival mode where players can take on 9,999 floors of the “Bloody Palace”. The handheld mode of the Switch also offers extra flexibility, allowing the game to be played on-the-go for the first time.

However, the feature that is sure to excite Switch players is the introduction of Free Style Mode. In this mode, players can immediately switch between combat styles, and even weapons, on the fly. This should help players earn some rather SSStylish combos.

Free Style Mode lets players choose from a total of six combat styles, four of which are immediately available while the other two can be unlocked as players progress. With each style having its own features, there's sure to be a lot of fun trying out different combinations. While the game has the standard weapon cycling system, the Switch version now allows players to have all unlocked weapons quickly selected through the radial menu. Players also now have the option to cut their way through each floor of the “Bloody Palace” survival mode in local co-op just after creating a save file.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is a prequel to the iconic series and is set before the original Devil May Cry. The story looks into Dante’s journey, which eventually leads to his fight against his own twin brother, Vergil. Vergil plans to unlock the gate to the demonic realm in order to plague the world. This means it’s up to Dante and his trademark sword, Rebellion, and dual pistols, Ebony and Ivory, to prevent this from happening. Along this journey players learn more about Dante and his origins.

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