Developer Pixalated Milk Launches New Game Warsaw

Warsaw gameplay scene
Warsaw gameplay scene Youtube Screenshot

Developer Pixalated Milk has launched a new turn-based RPG game called Warsaw. The gameplay is inspired by the real events of World War II. The challenging action role-playing game is set during the occupation of Poland by the Nazis. According to producer Krzysztof Paplinski, the development team wanted to design a video game that is both great to play and culturally significant.

Your mission is to control a cell of resistance fighters. The game starts on the day of the real Warsaw uprising, on August 1st, 1944. According to PCGamer, Warsaw is reminicent of the roguelike classic Darkest Dungeon. However, Warsaw comes with many ideas of its own. Alongside the cartoonish visuals, Warsaw uses plenty of historically accurate information, including many of the targets and missions, as well as the map of the city.

When you start playing, your resources are extremely limited both in terms of personnel and equipment. However, your overall goal is to raise the “Uprising Momentum” rather than a specific objective. Therefore, your missions vary from taking out German forces to stealing supplies. This involves exploration, avoiding encounters, and picking your way through Warsaw’s streets.

Players will have to manage and collect various resources including ammunition, weapons, and food. In order to replace fighters lost in combat, players will also have to get new recruits for the resistance movement against the Nazi occupying forces. Any losses will impact the morale of the other fighters, and the killed characters are lost for good.

The game is a roguelike and a dungeon crawler that comes with high difficulty and plenty of random elements. You have to manage completing your mission while avoiding roaming patrols. Cover is also an important matter in the game, adding an additional tactical element.

The current version is working on PC, but Pixelated Milk is also planning a Nintendo Switch version.

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