Detective Pikachu Releases On 3DS This March Alongside Giant Amiibo

Detective Pikachu releases on 3DS this March
Detective Pikachu releases on 3DS this March Nintendo

Not only is Detective Pikachu a movie (starring Ryan Reynolds as the tiny, yellow electric mouse), there will be a video game of the same name as well. Along with the Detective Pikachu game, Nintendo is releasing a special giant amiibo to help players uncover every secret.

The Detective Pikachu game sees players take on the role of the titular talking Pokémon, and team up with a human named Tim Goodman to solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance. Players talk to witnesses, obtain clues and work with other Pokémon to crack the case. Unlike the movie, it sounds like Detective Pikachu in the game will not be voiced by Reynolds.

Detective Pikachu is a follow-up of the Japanese-exclusive Detective Pikachu -- Birth of a New Duo. The U.S. release will include all the content from Birth of a New Duo along with new gameplay to finish telling the overall story. If you are a younger player, or someone who doesn’t want to think too hard, an Easy Mode is included for the first time.

The large Detective Pikachu amiibo, compared to the normal-sized Pikachu amiibo
The large Detective Pikachu amiibo, compared to the normal-sized Pikachu amiibo Nintendo

A new amiibo will release alongside Detective Pikachu, and it stands head-and-shoulders above other amiibo. The Detective Pikachu amiibo will be used to view all the short Pika Prompt videos from previously completed chapters of the game, including Pika Prompts players may have missed earlier. These videos feature Detective Pikachu’s “quips and antics” and may also contain clues.

If you’re wondering why Detective Pikachu can talk, well, that’s not really explained. The closest we have to an explanation is that Detective Pikachu is a “special” Pokémon. This will possibly be explained in the game, or it’s just something like the Team Rocket Meowth in the Pokémon TV series, where it’s not really addressed (outside of that one episode, but even then, the reasoning is more or less “just because”).

Detective Pikachu, and the Detective Pikachu amiibo, release for the 3DS family of handhelds on March 23.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play Detective Pikachu this March? Are you more interested in watching the Detective Pikachu movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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