‘Detective Pikachu’ 3DS Release Date Finally Revealed After 3 Years [VIDEO]

detective pikachu
The Detective Pikachu poster Pokemon Company

It’s been three years since the Detective Pikachu project was revealed on The Professionals but Nintendo has finally announced its release date for the Nintendo 3DS.

Detective Pikachu will be available in Japan on the Nintendo eShop on Feb. 3 and will be available for pre-download on Jan. 27.

According to Serebii , Detective Pikachu requires 800MB of space (6,400 blocks) to download and is listed on the official site as "Cinematic Adventure Game", with the official Nintendo site also listing it as a puzzle solving Cinematic Adventure Game.

Detective Pikachu takes place in Rhyme City and you’ll play as the human character, Tim Goodman who has come to the city for a currently unknown reason. When he meets with Pikachu, the story begins.

The Detective Pikachu will be a one-player game and will have no online features.

What makes this game unique is your partner Pikachu will actually be able to talk and conversate with your human character. The reveal trailer above didn’t have Tim Goodman talking at all, so it seems that Detective Pikachu will be doing the talking for you.

There hasn’t been a North American release date announced but with 2016 being the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, a Western release is highly likely.

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