'Detective Pikachu' 2-Hour Gameplay Trailer Reminds Us Of A Kawaii 'Ted'

Detective Pikachu gameplay
Check out this 2.5 hour gameplay video of the latest 'Detective Pikachu' game. Pokémon Company

The highly anticipated Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS finally arrived to Japan's Nintendo eShop this week. While there is no announcement for a Detective Pikachu release date in North America at this time, iDigitalTimes' own Phillip Martinez reported that a Western release for the puzzle solving cinematic adventure game is still highly likely given that 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.

Detective Pikachu takes us to Rhyme City, and gamers will play a human character named Tim Goodman, who is a trainer that meets Pikachu. Somehow, Tim is able to understand and speak with Pikachu and the pair teams up to solve puzzles and mysteries throughout the city.

Detective Pikachu is a one-player game only and will require 800MB, or 6,400 blocks, of storage to download. Gameplay of the Japanese-version has surfaced on YouTube and it looks fantastic so far. YouTube channel GameXplain shared an insightful 2.5 hour gameplay video to give us a really good look at Detective Pikachu. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles to give us a better idea of the detective cases, but the cut scenes shows us a Pikachu with a huskier voice as well as an animated banter and expression that kind of reminds us of Ted, the teddy bear comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. Check out the gameplay:

Since the game's announcement, English speaking Pokémon fans have not only asked for a Western release, but have also created a petition to get renowned actor Danny Devito to voice the little furry sleuth. So far, the petition has garnered more than 44,000 signatures. Personally, I think it's a terrific idea and works well to complement the execution that the Japanese version accomplished. I highly recommend that you add your signature by visiting the petition page on Change.org. Not convinced? Check out this fan made trailer of 'Danny Dikachu':

Now it's your turn: What was your biggest takeaway from the gameplay? Will you get your hands on a copy? Do you agree Danny Devito is perfect for Detective Pikachu or do you believe Seth MacFarlane is a better choice? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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