Destiny 2 Players Glitching Into Raids With 12-Man Fireteams

Destiny 2 Glitch
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Destiny 2’s raids are one of the toughest and best parts of the game. Raids require a fireteam of six members doing specific quests to progress through the game mode. Recently, players have found a way to enable two fireteams into one lobby, which means 12 players for one raid. This glitch does make raids easier, however, it takes the fun out of learning all the steps and doing them.

The glitch is super easy to pull off, here’s an overview on how to do it, thanks to a Redditor's post:

  • Split the fireteams into two sections with the hosts of each team being close in terms of geographical regions.
  • One team should consist of five members and the other one should contain seven members.
  • Now, the leader of the larger fireteam (seven members) should click to join the smaller team using the social tab or in-game invites.
  • The host of the big party will receive a message asking if they want to join the smaller lobby, don’t click on anything as this part can get a bit tricky.
  • The leader of the small fireteam has to launch the raid. When the timer hits two seconds, the leader of the bigger fireteam will get called and must click to bring their party. This results in a 12-man fireteam.
  • It could take a couple of tries to master it, but it is quite easy if you time it perfectly.

Unlike PvP modes, raids don’t affect players negatively and you can always avoid doing the glitch if you want to play the raid as it was intended. At the moment, Bungie hasn’t taken this glitch down. Yet it would be cool if Bungie allows raids with a 12-man roster, as most of the community seems to be enjoying it so far.

So, what are your thoughts on the new raid glitch? Are you planning on trying it out? Personally, I think the glitch makes raids too easy for hardcore Destiny players, however, the casual community seems to like it. We wouldn’t want another expansion like Curse of Osiris, which had nothing interesting.

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