Destiny 2's War Against Cheaters

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Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie is starting to fight against hackers, and with plenty in the community hacking/cheating, it ruins the integrity of the game. Most of the hackers ruin the experience for Trials Of Osiris as it was one of the most popular game modes back in the original Destiny. As Bungie does not have any active anti-cheat for Destiny 2, this becomes a big issue for the players who want to enjoy the game and play fair.

“There’s been a growing list of concerns with the game lately: Trials, the rise in cheaters, our new Seasonal model, the balance between rewards you earn vs. items you buy," Bungie stated in a recent article. "We’ve been closely watching and discussing each of these topics as we read your feedback. When our community managers relay that everyone at Bungie is listening, I assure you, we are.”

Bungie is taking precautions by trying something new. Every week the dev team will cover the most important topics in Destiny and their plans for a short-term plan. But, if they want to fix the cheaters issue they have to introduce a strong anti-cheat as the game is free to play. This only brings in more attention to players.

Destiny’s action against cheaters is planned out step by step in their article and it states that “next week we’ll be diving deep on our Seasonal model, and how we plan to improve it in the future as well as some info on bounties and our plans involving their evolution.”

So, what are your thoughts on Bungie acting against hackers one step at a time? Have you faced any cheaters that ruined your experience? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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