Destiny 2 Update Makes Infamously Rare Items More Obtainable

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7 Destiny 2 Splash
Thanks to the some buffed drop rates, this upcoming patch will make obtaining certain items only as difficult as intended. Bungie

Last week, Destiny 2 launched its highly-anticipated Season of the Drifter, adding dozens of new improvements, gameplay enhancements, and a plethora of new content for players to experience and explore. New weapons, armor, and even game modes were added to the game to celebrate its sixth season, and this upcoming update fixes something that’s been a long time coming: improving the ridiculously hard-to-obtain cosmetic items in the Dreaming City.

The Dreaming City is the final unlockable area in Destiny 2 Forsaken, and its release included a handful of rare items that players could only get with the blessing of the RNG gods. For those of you who haven’t had the displeasure of experiencing it for themselves, RNG refers to random number generation, and is used by games all over the world for randomizing loot drops and rarity. RNG is a great mechanic, and for a lot of titles makes gameplay more exciting and keeps things fresh. Unfortunately, it also means that hours and hours of grinding for a specific item might yield absolutely nothing if you’re unlucky enough. That’s exactly the case with certain cosmetic items in The Dreaming City, particularly the ship, Ghost shell, and Sparrow items. For a while now, these items have been notoriously difficult to obtain. Thankfully, developer Bungie has answered the prayers of its distraught community. The upcoming update has buffed the drop rates for these items, plus a handful of other ones in patches to come.

7 Destiny 2 Dreaming City
The Dreaming City's cosmetics are probably some of the most difficult to acquire, thanks to a spot of bad RNG. Photo: Bungie

Buffing the drop rates not only gives players an easier time trying to earn the items themselves, but more importantly, it allows players to finally unlock certain Seals, which show up beside players’ names in-game and work kind of like character titles in other MMOs. Specifically, the upcoming drop rate updates are going to make grinding for the Rivensbane and Cursebreaker seals the way it was always intended to be - fun and rewarding instead of endlessly frustrating.

What do you think about the Bungie’s changes to the drop rates of these cosmetic items? Were you one of the lucky few who, with the blessing of the RNG gods, were able to obtain these items easily? Or were you like some of us here at Player.One, so cursed that despite hundreds of hours in the game, we still haven’t been able to collect the Dreaming City Ship from Shattered Throne? Let us know how you’ve fared with Destiny 2 RNG in the comments section below!

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