Destiny 2’s New Gambit Prime Armors Come With Some Powerful Perks

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Gambit Prime Armor Sets are looking sleek.
Gambit Prime Armor Sets are looking sleek. Bungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter went live yesterday, bringing with it tons of new content including a new game mode, a new raid/strike, new weapons, and what we’re most excited about: the all-new Gambit Prime armor sets.

The release of Gambit Prime has players once again facing off in competitive-style PvPvE, this time with more clearly defined player roles and matching armor sets. Each role has a corresponding color-coded armor set that come with unique perks and stats to help players perform more effectively in the roles they choose.

The four player roles and armor sets for Gambit Prime are: Reaper, Sentry, Collector, and Invader.

Gambit Prime Armor Sets
Gambit Prime Armor Sets Bungie

The armor set for Reapers is green by default and comes with perks that help players kill enemies and generate motes more efficiently. The Reaper set perks include weakening of high-value targets, special ammo generation upon multi-kill, longer mote life while on the ground, and grenade recharge upon killing powerful enemies.

The Sentry set is designed to help players protect the bank and fend off enemy invaders. The Sentry set is yellow by default, and comes with perks that allow players to earn damage buffs against Taken, regenerate health near the bank, mark enemy invaders, and buff allies.

The Collector set, white by default, comes with special perks and bonuses that help players collect motes more efficiently and send blockers more often. The perks that come with the Collector set include dropping motes upon death (instead of losing them to oblivion), receving an overshield and generating ammo upon gathering motes, and the ability to store and send up to 20 motes (up from the standard 15) to send a giant blocker.

Finally, the Invader set, colored red by default, is designed to provide players with offensive player-killing perks to aid in invasions and mote stealing. Perks of the Invader set include ammo generation and a more powerful overshield while invading, bonus damage upon Guardian kill, and the ability to lock down and drain enemy motes.

Gambit Prime also makes some significant changes over the classic Gambit game mode, including a much tougher Primeval and the ability to drain enemy motes using successive blockers. The increase in difficulty in the new Gambit Prime game mode sets a more competitive tone for PvPvE, as well as encourages deeper teamwork and cooperation between players.

With all of the changes Season of the Drifter is bringing to Destiny 2, the new Gambit Prime armor sets are by far some of the most exciting additions. Apart from the unique visuals and sleek aesthetics of each armor set, the new perks are bound to make their way into end-game builds and strategies. What do you think about the Gambit Prime armor sets so far? Will you be grinding through Gambit to earn the complete set for each Guardian class? Or do you have a specific piece you want to gear your guardian with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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