Destiny 2 TWAB: Solstice of Heroes Event, Vault of Glass Master Difficulty, and More

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

Bungie has a lot in store for the fans next week. So, what can players expect starting July 6?

Solstice of Heroes

The Solstice of Heroes is an annual event where players can earn new armor pieces and more. Completing event objectives would upgrade the armor set - making it shine even through the darkest nights.

In addition, there will be a new gameplay mechanic called “Refraction.” A modifier cycles each day that will boost a certain element. Players should use the subclass and weapons that match the element modifier of the day. Enemies will drop special orbs when killed and provide buffs, as well as extra effects.

On some days, the Prism modifier will be active, and it boosts all four elemental buffs at the same time. Keep in mind that the orbs dropped by enemies will be based only on the element of the player’s chosen subclass.

Aside from that, the Compass Rose legendary shotgun, new emblems, a new Exotic Ghost, and more are up for grabs. Those who want to find out more information can head over to the event’s main page.

VOG on Master Difficulty

The Vault of Glass is nothing new. By now, most players may have acquired almost everything that the raid has to offer. So, expect a new challenge next week.

On Tuesday, VOG’s master difficulty will be unlocked. Besides a more challenging experience, players can also expect great rewards at the final chest.

There is no specific power level required to enter but all enemies found in the raid will be at 1350 Power. Any player who is below that power level will have a hard time killing them.

Completing the VOG in master difficulty unlocks the final set of Triumphs, which are necessary for the Fatebreaker title and raid seal.

Moreover, Destiny 2 players can also get Timelost weapons. They are comparable to Adept weapons that can be acquired from Flawless Trials runs and Grandmaster Nightfalls. The only difference is that Timelost weapons have an additional perk in the third and fourth columns.

Be guided that the normal and master difficulty weekly rewards are tied together and players can only get them on their first raid completion of the week. So, those who want to acquire stat-focused armors and Timelost weapons should complete the raid on the Master difficulty only.

Since the raid will not be a cakewalk, players must optimize their loadouts and increase their power level to succeed.

New Sandbox Update

Destiny 2 Compass Rose
Destiny 2 Compass Rose Bungie

A new sandbox update will be launched on Tuesday and it brings a plethora of changes, including some adjustments to certain weapons and numerous bug fixes.

If you want to know more about Update 3.2.1, you can read the patch notes now.

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