Destiny 2 TWAB: Bungie Introduces New Weapons for All Players, Forsaken Cipher Now Available

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Twitter/@Bungie

Have you gotten your Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 yet? Earlier this week, Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary, and developers re-introduced the beloved power weapon back to the game for everyone to get.

The company has also made Forsaken Ciphers available to those who have purchased the Forsaken DLC.

New Weapons

30th Anniversary New Weapons
30th Anniversary New Weapons Bungie

Aside from the Gjallarhorn, there are six new weapons that you can acquire. The first is the Forerunner - an Exotic sidearm that uses Special ammo instead of Primary ammo. It has a perk called The Full Stop that deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.

The BxR-55 Battler is perfect for those who want to use a pulse rifle that deals potent damage when firing from the hip. It has the perk, Blunt Execution Rounds, that dramatically increases the rifle’s handling and damage after hitting nearby enemies with your melee abilities.

You can learn more about the new weapons here.

Forsaken Ciphers

Those who bought the Forsaken DLC can now get the Forsaken Ciphers at the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive in the Tower. The ciphers can be used to acquire the Exotics introduced in Forsaken. So, if you missed any, you can get them now.

If you acquired all the Exotics, you can exchange the ciphers for Ascendant Shards instead.

Additional Changes

The update last Tuesday is quite extensive, which is why some things have not been included in the patch notes. They are:

  • Lake of Shadows: To bring this boss encounter more in line with other strikes and our modern sandbox gameplay, Grask's health has been significantly increased
  • Grandmaster Nightfall catchup node will be available to all players who have claimed the Conqueror Seal from Week 7 onward. Grandmaster catchup activities will only be accessible if the fireteam leader has not yet completed the associated gilded Triumph
  • Fixed a map exploit on top of a tree near Mill on The Dead Cliffs
  • Trials activity node now displays potential rewards when playing on a seven-win ticket
  • Seven-win passages require a manual reset before players can purchase a new passage
  • Fixed an issue where Crucible Rank displayed an incorrect value in the Crucible intro cinematic after reset
  • Combat Efficiency in the post-round now displays overall match efficiency
  • Respawn timer for Clash, Control, Rumble, and Iron Banner increased to 7 seconds
  • You can now reset a reputation with unclaimed materials if there are no unique items in the current reset's item list
  • The number of Seasonal resets is now listed on the Reputation Rewards section of the vendor
  • Fixed a bug where rank reset dialogs could appear during activities
  • Fixed an issue with Kinetic calibration bounties not being available on the Gunsmith
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