Destiny 2 Update: New Six-Player Activity Coming Soon

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A new six-player activity is believed to be arriving in Bungie's hit title.
A new six-player activity is believed to be arriving in Bungie's hit title. Bungie

The Season of Opulence in Destiny 2 is just a week away, and developer Bungie has already revealed more interesting details about what players can look forward to once it's here. This is basically an addition to the game’s Forsaken Annual pass. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The Season of Opulence is going to feature a so-called six-player activity, and it is called the Menagerie. The studio said that this activity is “a maze of challenges” located in the vaults of Leviathan. Found in the massive flagship of Emperor Calus, players will encounter “ever-changing paths and enemies.”

If players are able to complete the activity, they will obtain access to the Chalice, which enables them to claim specific weapons. Also, part of the completion reward is a bunch of essential armors that can help in the game.

Players who have already completed the Forsaken Annual pass will automatically get access to the Menagerie. Interestingly, it can be upgraded over time, allowing players to obtain more powerful rewards in the long run.

Bungie said that new Menagerie bosses will be appearing throughout the entire month of June, although they are only accessible for Annual Pass owners. Come June 25, a new Heroic difficulty level will be added to Destiny 2, with Normal difficulty being supported only by matchmaking. Heroic, however, will require players to have a premade fireteam if they want to take part.

On June 11, the return of Truth will happen, which is an exotic rocket launcher from Destiny 1. It was a popular element in PvP because of its seemingly witty target tracking. In early July, players will be introduced to a quest for a new hand cannon called Lumina. However, there are rumors suggesting that the famous Hawkmoon hand cannon (also from the original game) will be making a comeback.

The Season of Opulence will offer an Imperial Summons quest with Power Surge gear rewards obtainable at power level 690. Bungie said that this is designed to help players get up to speed with the new content. In addition, the developer confirmed the upcoming arrival of The Solstice of Heroes, which will bring a handful of new weapons and armor.

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