Destiny 2: Hotfix Lowers Minimum Power Level Requirement for Dares of Eternity

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Destiny 2 has received the new Hotfix, which lowered the Power Level required to enter Dares of Eternity. Now on Power Level 1,100, this should cut newbies some slack and give them the chance to enter this free six-man activity.

A notable issue addressed in this patch is that you are now guaranteed a Dreaming City weapon after completing the Blind Well event. If you did not receive anything, be sure to check your Postmaster as the weapon may have been delivered there.

Aside from that, the bug where you can activate the Icefall Mantle immediately after the Glacial Guard wears off is now fixed. For those who do not know, the said Exotic armor piece provides you with a personal overshield (Glacial Guard) that slows combatants down when you activate your Barricade (Titan-specific ability).

As you can see, the ability to cast the overshield again can give an unfair advantage to Titans, especially in PvP. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem.

Update Highlights

  • Fixed an issue in Iron Banner and Momentum Control playlists where capturing a zone on certain maps did not reward Super energy and show "zone captured" text
  • Iron Banner Freelance node now properly displays the longer respawn time setting.
Dares of Eternity
  • Additional physics objects are cleaned up between rounds to prevent crashes during long Dares sessions
  • Fixed an issue where rewards level (platinum, etc) would be displayed at the end of the activity in regular difficulty
Dungeon: Grasp of Avarice
  • Fixed an area where players can get out of the environment in Sunken Lair
  • Added geometry to prevent exploiting an encounter by completing it without engaging its mechanics
  • Updated Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia colorblind modes default colors to make it easier to distinguish between combatant health bars
  • Fixed an issue where some emblems were not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Poison Wings Spread ornament for Le Monarque had an arrow permanently nocked when stowed
  • Fixed an issue where the Braytech M6 ornament for Forerunner caused the weapon's reticle to shrink when aiming down sights
  • Fixed an issue where the Shadowshot and Silence and Squall Supers were not in the correct passive cooldown tiers
  • Fixed an issue where Shatterdive was costing a melee charge on successfully shattering a Stasis crystal with the landing detonation
Bounties and Pursuits
  • Fixed an issue where Weekly Starhorse Bounties could only be completed on one character
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to players being unable to obtain the "Magnum Opus II" quest from Xur even after meeting the correct conditions

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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