Destiny 2: Hotfix Re-enables Wormgod Caress and Radiant Dance Machines

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Destiny 2 Hotfix is interesting because the devs have finally fixed the issues that plagued the Radiant Dance Machines and Worm God Caress Exotic armor pieces. Thus, they re-enabled them in all activities in the latest update.

For those who do not know, the Radiant Dance Machines was previously disabled because of the almost infinite dodge it provides, especially when paired with certain mods.

Aside from that, the devs have added some improvements and bug fixes to certain armor and weapon traits. For instance, the Precious Scar’s exotic perk, Kintsugi, should provide bursts of healing on enemy kills using weapons with a damage type matching your subclass energy. It turns out that this perk hasn’t worked as intended previously, which is now fixed.

In addition, the Explosive Light weapon trait effect on rocket launchers has been improved by increasing its bonus damage when picking up Orbs of Power by 25%.

The devs have also implemented balance changes to the Shoot to Loot weapon perk. Its cooldown has been increased to four seconds. This is just a way to prevent activating its auto-reload mechanic when shooting an ammo brick that cannot be picked up.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue where Prometheum Spurs would not consistently spawn combination rifts on kills while rift energy is full
  • Fixed an issue where Dawn Chorus no longer extended burn damage
  • Increase the cooldown of Shoot to Loot to four seconds.
    • This is a temporary measure to prevent shooting a brick that can't be picked up to trigger the auto-reload
    • Fixed an issue where ammo picked up by players could be quickly shot with Shoot to Loot to get additional ammo
STRIKES (General)
  • Players should no longer be able to apply Chill Touch to themselves or allies in strikes
  • Players should once again not be able to reset their reputation if they have not picked up all rank reward items
    • A quality-of-life improvement for rank resetting is coming later in Season 15
  • Fixed an issue where Windows 7 users were unable to launch the game due to some incompatible *.dll files
  • Fixed an issue where the Xunyou offer was not rewarding the correct items
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock's Nova Warp wouldn’t Blink if Hold Sprint was active

You can read the complete patch notes here.

So, what can you say about the latest hotfix? Are you happy that the Radiant Dance Machines and Wormgod Caress are back in all activities?

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