Destiny 2: Developers Disable a Hunter Exotic for Now

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Bungie launched Destiny 2: Season of the Lost not too long ago and it seems the community has found a way to utilize a certain Hunter exotic to the fullest. This has prompted developers to disable it in Gambit and all PvP modes for now.

Overpowered Hunter Exotic

The equipment in question is the Radiant Dance Machines. It is a Hunter exotic leg armor that was originally introduced in the first Destiny game, but it had a different exotic perk: it only increased your movement speed when aiming down sights.

The new version introduced in Season 15 lets you dodge multiple times in five seconds so long as there is an enemy in close proximity.

Now, you might think that this is harmless, right? After all, dodging enemies in Destiny 2, per se, doesn’t provide you that much of a competitive advantage.

However, because some mods give certain benefits when dodging, you could see how the Radiant Dance Machines can be abused.

A good example of this is using the Hunter exotic with the Dynamo mod. This is a helmet armor mod that reduces the cooldown of your Super whenever you execute your class ability near enemies. In this case, every time you dodge, you will get your Super back way too quickly.

On top of that, enemies do not need to be too close for the exotic perk to work. In Gambit, for instance, during the part where you face-off with the opposing team, you can already dodge multiple times and gain as much Super energy as you can before the match even starts.

This can put some people at a huge disadvantage. Imagine being able to do that in the Crucible or even in the Trials.

Although the developers have already disabled the Radiant Dance Machines in certain game modes, you can still use it in PvE, so you could still have fun with it.

If you had the chance to try it out for yourself and have seen how overpowered it can be, you know that it was only a matter of time before the devs stepped in and nerfed it.

What do you think? What should the developers do before they can re-implement the Radiant Dance Machines in Gambit and Crucible?

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