Destiny 2 Developer Confirms Collectibles Are Coming Back

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Destiny 2 - Sagira
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Activision / Bungie

A Destiny 2 developer confirmed Bungie’s interest in bringing collectibles, like Destiny 1’s Dead Ghosts, to the studio’s latest shared-world shooter. The studio hasn’t shed any light on those plans yet; however, some fans believe we could hear more about Destiny’s next wave of collectible items when Bungie publishes its weekly community address Thursday afternoon.

If we do see any news on collectibles, it’ll arrive alongside new information about Bungie’s upcoming Crimson Days revival. Earlier this week, Destiny 2 fans discovered in-game assets, like weapon icons and NPC scripts, that suggest 2016’s underwhelming Valentine’s Day celebration will return next month. The data mine contains references to Crimson Doubles, a 2v2 Crucible mode, being part of the festivities and some of the discovered artwork points to the Leviathan raid playing a role in the event, too. The discoveries covered enough ground to force a confirmation from Bungie, along with a promise to reveal more information in Thursday’s “This Week At Bungie” post.

As for new collectibles, we know almost nothing as of press time. Dead Ghosts, or something akin to the first game’s hidden loot, are coming back because a senior member of the D2 dev team confirmed as much on Twitter. But it was a strong competitor for Least Informative Update of 2018:

In a follow-up statement, Barrett confirms "more collectibles and hidden secrets" will appear in future expansions. Both will be welcomed by Destiny 2 fans who still enjoy exploring the planets, moons and massive ships featured in Bungie’s latest shooter. Those hoping for new raid locations or other endgame combat scenarios may not care about a new scavenger hunt. Same goes for the Crucible crowd … whatever’s left of it. But achievement and trophy data for Destiny 1 suggests new collectibles would be welcomed with open arms. It won’t solve all of Destiny 2’s problems but it would be a step forward for a title frequently criticized for its underwhelming endgame content.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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