Destiny 2: Bungie Releases First New Dungeon for Season of the Deep Today

Bungie x PlayStation Studios Collaboration Bundles Bungie

Enjoying your time in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep? Well, things are about to get more exciting as Bungie is set to release a new three-man activity later today.

New Dungeon

The name of the upcoming dungeon is Ghost of the Deep. Not much information is known about this other than it is a three-man activity that requires you to have the Lightfall expansion to enter. So, party up with two of your buddies as you uncover the secrets this place holds.

While details are sparse, rumors suggest that Ghost of the Deep will have an Exotic Strand Trace Rifle as a potential reward. This particular exotic weapon has a perk called Weft Cutter which reads: "dealing sustained damage Sever the target."

It is also likely that a Solar Glaive and Solar SMG will be up for grabs. The new Ghost of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2 will open at 1 p.m. EST.

Epic Drip

Bungie x PlayStation Collab Bungie

If you were unaware, Bungie and PlayStation Studios have collaborated recently to bring you some cool-looking skins. You can equip your guardians with cosmetics inspired by some popular PlayStation exclusives, including Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Ghost of Tsushima. Here are the armor ornament bundles you can purchase from the Eververse Store:

  • Anointed Hunter for Hunters
  • Godsbane for Titans
  • Ancestral for Warlocks

But wait, the official collaboration with PlayStation Studios does not stop there! You can purchase the Endless Roamer bundle and Cordyceps bundle as well. The former is a three-piece collection of finishers also inspired by the same games mentioned above. The latter is a bundle containing a ghost shell, mount, and ship based on the Cordyceps, the parasitic fungi in the popular The Last of Us franchise.

Get Ready for Trials

In addition to the new content, Bungie is going to open Trials of Osiris later after the weekly reset. This is an unprecedented move considering that the game's pinnacle PvP activity usually opens a couple of weeks after a new season begins.

Anyway, the Trials of Osiris in Season 21 has a lot of significant changes compared to its previous iterations. One of the most notable is that Dominion will be the core game mode this season instead of Elimination. Dominion is a new PvP game mode where you capture and defend objectives to earn points.

According to the dev team, there are advantages to using Dominion over Elimination. For instance, Dominion matches finish 15% faster on average than the standard Elimination games. Also, the objectives make matches even more fun and engaging.

You can read more details about the new Trials of Osiris here.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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