Descenders Has Officially Left Early Access On Steam, Releases On Xbox

Push your limits in downhill cycling, which is incredibly safer in a video game.
Descenders has left Early Access - and it is headed anywhere but downhill.
Descenders has left Early Access - and it is headed anywhere but downhill. RageSquid

Extreme downhill mountain cycling title Descenders has left Early Access on Steam as of yesterday, and just in time for the official release on the Xbox One as well.

Descenders is a downhill freeriding game developed by RageSquid and published by No More Robots. At first, you’d think that it’s fairly straightforward, meaning something along the lines of simply cycling downhill, doing some tricks from time to time and racing other AI-controlled bikers. However, Descenders has a secret special sauce which could prove well for its replayability and difficulty.

Descenders’ courses in the various worlds are all procedurally generated, meaning you will never quite know what to expect. For those thinking that they can simply memorize the maps and all the twists and turns, you’re out of luck. I think that this is quite a good addition that will work wonders for how challenging it can be.

The game has been out for quite some time on Early Access now, and I’m glad it finally got a proper release, much like the recent Rise of Industry (which is very good by the way, check out my review). This should mean that the game is now fully playable, and without many kinks. On top of that, RageSquid has added a multiplayer component, which is pretty big feature update. You can now race with other people instead of just bots, and grief each other as you all suffer terrible – and often fatal – wipeouts.

In addition to its official release on PC, Xbox owners can now partake in the downhill madness that is Descenders, as it has also been announced for the Xbox Game Pass services yesterday. This also comes after the title first appearing on Xbox Game Preview, which is kind of like early access for the console.

If hardcore mountain cycling is something that interests you, you can pick up Descenders on Steam for $24.99 right now, and slash 25 percent off, since the game will be on sale during its first week. The game is available on the Xbox Game Store if you do not have Game Pass yet, also for $24.99.

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