Deliver Us To The Moon Gets An Announcement Trailer For Consoles, Release Date Set For Later This Year

The title first released for PC back in September 2018.
Deliver Us to the Moon will see a console release later this year.
Deliver Us to the Moon will see a console release later this year. Wired Productions

The post-apocalyptic adventure title Deliver Us the Moon just received a new trailer, along with announcements for a console expansion and the conclusion of its story started on PC in September of last year.

Deliver Us the Moon is set in the near future where in all of Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. To resolve this crisis, the world’s superpowers band together to create the World Space Agency. Its aim is to secure a new and promising energy source on the moon, and to look for prospective life supporting habitats beyond Earth. It was successful in this regard until one fateful night, all forms of communication ceased between the Earth and the Moon colony. Therefore, the energy source that was just found has been lost. This is where you come in as the Earth’s last astronaut. You embark on a lone, do or die mission to get to the bottom of what happened to Earth’s colony on the moon and save humanity that is already on its last breath.

During your journey, you will be accompanied by a small robot named ASE that holds resemblance to the Personality Spheres from Portal. With ASE, you will travel the moon together, go through abandoned facilities, and gather clues that will ultimately reveal the secrets happening behind the scenes. Only then will you be able to successfully deliver the moon to humanity.

Littered with natural hazards and challenging puzzles, Deliver Us to the Moon received above average critical reception, mostly crediting its story-telling and graphics with its criticisms pointing towards the unsatisfying resolution. This should be amended by the upcoming release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year, which was made possible by a partnership between developer KeokeN Interactive and publisher Wired Productions.

The Fortuna Expansion (which was released on PC last year) and the Tombaugh expansion (which provides the conclusion for the story) will be released before the end of 2019 for all three platforms. For those who’ve already purchased the Fortuna Expansion, they will receive Tombaugh as part of a free update.

Deliver Us to the Moon will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime later this year.

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