Who Is Alexandra In The Defenders?

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the-defenders-sigourney-weaver alexandra
We still have questions about Alexandra. Netflix / Marvel

After six long months of speculation, we finally know more about Sigourney Weaver’s character in The Defenders. Alexandra is just one of many names she’s used over her 5+ lifetimes. During Jessica Jones’ investigation into the Midland Circle property, she finds documents dating back to 1820 and four different names in the same handwriting.

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Continuing the pattern of ‘A' names, Sigourney Weaver's character has been using Alexandra throughout Stick’s lifetime. When we first meet Alexandra a doctor informs her she only has a few months to live. But as we learn, this is at least her fifth life. She talks of the time when Manhattan was nothing but trees and first purchased by settlers. 

Alexandra is the leader of The Hand, but her agenda conflicts with the other five fingers of The Hand. While they all appreciate the gift of immortality, Alexandra is scared of the act of dying. She tells Elektra she does not ever want to die or see the darkness again. However, the other five Hand leaders just want to live long enough to go home to Ku’n-Lun. (More on the origins of The Hand here).

alexandra the hand
Jessica Jones notices all these documents have different names, but the same handwriting. Photo: Marvel/ Netflix
alexandra the hand
Jessica Jones looks up records on her computer. Photo: Marvel / Netflix

Alexandra is a little selfish in her goals for The Hand. She seeks to capture the Iron Fist so he can use his power to unlock a secret door to the remains of ‘beasts’ somehow related to the Shau-Lao dragon and Black Sky. (More on what Black Sky is here). Sadly, she does not live long enough to see the secret door, which holds the key to immortality, open once again. It has been locked for centuries, sealed by a previous Iron Fist to keep away from the world and The Hand. In the end, Alexandra’s own weapon, Black Sky, murders her to become the new leader of The Hand and control how to use the power of life. 

Just like Sigourney Weaver told us in a recent interview, her character leaves many questions behind. We know the five fingers of The Hand were banished from Ku'n Lun by the mystical city's elders, but why didn't they warn Iron Fist about The Hand's true plan? Why was Alexandra willing to risk everything for Black Sky? Why don't the other Hand leaders care as much about the immortal ashes? Hopefully, Madame Gao will live on to answer these questions. 

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