Finn Jones Says Luke Cage Needs To Keep It In His Pants

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Luke Cage has hooked up with three supporting characters from The Defenders. First Jessica Jones. Then Misty Knight. Now he’s in a relationship with Claire Temple. We asked Mike Colter about this last week; he prefers the term “ladies man.”

“I don't know why… player? He’s not a player he just crushes a lot, that’s what the song says. He’s just one of those guys where he’s just looking for the right fit. He comes into contact with these women, he had sort of an unreasonable thing he carried for his former wife, and that’s always trouble when you have someone who you feel is perfect. Eventually, he meets Jessica, but then that was weird. Then Misty, then Claire and we will see how that works out, but, I mean, he’s just still kind of searching.”

“You need to keep it in your pants,” Finn Jones interrupts jokingly.

Luke Cage’s relationship with Jessica Jones got off to a fiery start, but while under the influence of Killgrave, she murdered the love of Luke’s life, Reva Connors. Then, he meets Misty Knight very early in Luke Cage Season 1.

“You're beautiful, a little older than he usually likes them,” says Luke while bartending at Cottonmouth’s club, Harlem’s Paradise.

"Yeah, you're definitely not getting a tip tonight,” Misty says. "But I'm not finished,” Luke says. “Dumb men like little girls. Me, I ponder a woman."

luke cage misty knight
Luke and Misty's relationship doesn't last. Photo: Marvel

"Why don't you ponder me another cosmo,” Misty says, asking him to get coffee when they met in the street later that night. They had a night together, and while each had their suspicions, the two didn’t learn each other’s real identities until a few episodes later in Pop’s barbershop.

Jones and Colter joked about this in our interview, because it’s Misty and Danny who have the romance in the comics. “I picked his pocket,” Colter said, laughing. Asked how he would feel if Misty and Danny got together, Colter said. “It’s a month apart, he would get over it.”

“It’s certainly interesting and a question for the writers because they do have a relationship in the comics. How is that going to be addressed when they meet each other?” Jones asks, as Colter playfully adds that Colleen Wing was actually one of Luke’s girlfriends in the comics.

Danny Rand was persistent, but eventually he and Colleen became inseparable. Photo: Marvel

“Oh come on. I love Colleen. I’m not letting her be tainted by your unruly behavior. She’s sensible she's not going to go with you,” Jones said.

“Sensible? I’m just a broken-hearted fool looking for love in all the wrong places,” Colter said. ”I’ve been heartbroken so many times. It’s true. All roads lead through Harlem at some point. All I’m saying.”

“Oh don’t play that trick,” Jones said.

After our interview, Colter said at The Defenders SDCC panel, “The flame is not out, let’s be honest,” about his relationship with Jessica Jones. However, he notes that because of Alexandra and needing to “sort this thing out with Danny Rand,” the series might not explore the sparks and tension still between them. He concluded by comparing the situation to... Naked and Afraid?

jessica jones luke cage
The sparks between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage may not be out. Photo: Marvel

“If anyone’s ever seen an episode of Naked and Afraid, it’s weird. They’re naked and they’re afraid. They’re naked, but they’re also afraid.”

Not really sure where you’re going with that… though they are both characters who hesitate to show any vulnerability. Since Luke Cage appears to be committed to Claire Temple at this point, there’s no telling what will go down between him and Jessica, and how Jessica will react when she finds out about Luke’s new girl.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. The Defenders arrives on Netflix Aug. 18.


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