How Far Will Daredevil Go To Get Elektra Back? Charlie Cox Answers

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Elektra is coming back, but not as the same person we remember. Daredevil star Elodie Yung told Player.One she approaches her character like an “amnesiac.”

“In the comics, she dies so many times and she’s back in a new outfit. I knew she’d be back,” Yung said. “To me, she comes back as a new person, but she’s such a strong person and character that under the layers, I kept some of her characteristics.”

In a recently revealed scene from The Defenders, Matt Murdock goes to confession and it’s clear he’s still not over Elektra. So what happens when Daredevil finds out Elektra’s new identity and allegiance? We also spoke with Charlie Cox and he said the confrontation will be extremely hard for Matt Murdock to handle emotionally.  

“I think when Elektra reemerges, I think Matt deep down in his heart knows it’s not her, not really, but the idea, the small amount of hope that he has that it could somehow be or might one day be again an Elektra that he recognizes is so tempting. Not just because he loves her but the alleviation of the guilt that he feels, I think he explores that emotionally to a point where it begins to become ridiculous. And in a way, it’s the others [The Defenders] that allow him to see the impossibility of that. But left to his own devices, he’ll take it to the end. He would keep going. That’s the thing about Matt, in some ways he’s so smart and level-headed, but when he gets emotional he’s like a child.”

Daredevil has changed the course of his life after that fateful moment on the rooftop in Season 2. Matt hasn’t even worn the Daredevil suit in months, the released scene reveals. He’s left struggling for direction following Elektra’s apparent death and the persistence of The Hand.

“Matt, at the end of Season 2, recognizes the failure of his current situation and he gives it up. I think he’s done. He’s putting all of his energies into practicing law. But what has been a constant for Matt since the beginning of Daredevil is that every time he makes a decision, life throws something in his path that makes him have to reevaluate. That’s what happens in this case. He’s done with DD, he’s done with vigilante justice. His suit is hung up. I don't think he has any intention of being Daredevil anytime soon, but then of course a situation arises where he has to reevaluate.”

One thing’s for sure: he’s going to have to reevaluate when he realizes Elektra is back in the picture and working with Alexandra.

“She is in this position of being a zombie, or an amnesiac, but I have this costume and this costume is Elektra and you’ll see her evolve in coming back to herself,” Yung teased.

Which version of “herself” will it be, though? Elektra has always had brutal tendencies. She’s an assassin and certainly willing to go further than Daredevil to get what she wants. Ideological differences have always been the cause of their relationship problems. She’s even tried to kill him and her mentor Stick. So will she fulfill her destiny as Black Sky or end up back on the good side of the fight?

Let us know what you think in the comments. The Defenders arrives on Netflix Aug. 18.


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