Deceit March 18 Update 2021.2.3 Buffs Vampire and Werewolf; No More Stamina During The Day

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The Deceit March 19 Update just went live. The patch v2021.2.3 is focused more on balancing mechanics and bug fixes. Players will not have stamina during the day allowing them to observe and mess around in the daytime. More changes regarding this goal are coming in the future.

Vampires and werewolves received 20 more HP, bringing their total health to 220. This means that players can’t instantly down them via close-range Camera flash and Knife. The visuals of Ghost characters at night are changed while the notification for when the Double Objective item is taken has been improved. From now on, if Deceit is opened for the first time, it will launch with a borderless window at maximum display resolution.

There are several other small changes that today’s patch makes. You can read about them below.

Patch Notes

  • Stamina has been removed during the day. Our goal for this during the day was to encourage players to observe and play around with more information, but players currently find it too frustrating. We are reviewing improvements that can be made in other areas to achieve this effect.
  • The Vampire & Werewolf now have an extra 20 health, bringing them up to 220 total. This means a close-range Camera flash & Knife will no longer instantly down them.
  • There are now holes in the walls of the two new rooms on the ground floor of the Asylum for the Innocent to escape through.
  • The Voting waypoint has been replaced with outlining downed players and highlighting that they can be voted on in their name tag.
  • The ghost characters at night have had their visuals adjusted.
  • The filling in of highlighted players has been reduced, making it easier to see more detail about those who are highlighted.
  • When opening Deceit for the first time, the game will now open in max resolution borderless.
  • A clearer notification has been added for when the Double Objective item is taken.
  • Dodging a ranked game before it has properly started will now more consistently punish the player that is leaving.
  • Dodging ranked games will now remove a flat five ELO and, if not in Diamond, a mark.
  • Deceit User ID is now shown when hovering over players in your friends list.
  • Several UI adjustments were made in-game and on the Main Menu.
  • Adjusted some backend logic to improve server stability.
  • [FIXED] Bleeding out players say they're "REVIVING" in their name tag.
  • [FIXED] A blood bag can occasionally spawn within a Generator on the ground floor of the Asylum.
  • [FIXED] Players can be instantly downed if they walk into a specific area on the first floor of the Asylum.
  • [FIXED] Players using Fullscreen and Alt+Tabbing during the loading screen will occasionally have their game freeze. This would cause long loading screens that wouldn't successfully finish for the other players in the game.

Click here to read the patch notes from the official site.

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