Death Trash February 28 Update Steam Deck Launch, Future Plans, and Bug Fixes

Death Trash
Death Trash Steam

Death Trash is a role-playing game that combines old-school role-playing and modern gameplay. The February Update is finally here as the month comes to an end.

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck was just released a few days back, and what better way than to play Death Trash on the newly introduced platform. Now, you can play the game when you are away from your PC with the new portable console. But before releasing it on Steam Deck, the developers have made some tweaks which you can read below. Plus, players can expect more improvements in the future as developers plan on adding more input options to make it more ergonomic for gamers.

Future Update

The next update is set to launch sometime in March and it will be massive. The March Update will feature content such as energy weapons, changes to the second encounter with Oracle, a new dungeon, and different locations that haven’t been revealed yet.

Death Trash February Update

Major Changes
  • Input changes: have one shared use button for abilities and items
  • Controller: improved action wheel UI and game
  • Use slow motion when using the action wheel or action selection screen in single-player
  • Mouse and keyboard: added optional action bar
  • Added weapon scroll display (default DPad left and right, or mouse wheel)
  • Allow rolling while reloading by pausing reloading
  • Updated energy guns: visuals, sounds, and gameplay stats
  • Make friendly world map encounters spawn player and NPCs next to each other
  • Updated handling area exits: trigger immediately when touching with direct movement and make the character walk toward the exit
  • Steam Deck improvements
Minor Changes
  • Updated small firearms: visuals and sounds
  • Make puking cleanse all infection points
  • Make mute puke sound option also affect the drop item sound
  • Fixed characters losing weapons on death potentially spawning them behind a wall
  • Fixed issues with characters investigating doors opened by player
  • Fixed some reused objects not getting tracked to highlight all functionality
  • Fixed situations where an item would be shown through opaque house roofs
  • Fixed a softlock in Titans Guts
  • Small level design fixes throughout the game
  • Updated melee mouse cursor
  • Updated tutorials and default bindings for the mentioned input changes
  • Updated dialogue UI settings
  • Fixed a few other UI issues
  • Fixed equipped ability display or quick item display occasionally ending up at the wrong position
  • Fixed issues with overlapping player messages, location messages, and quest messages
  • Move quest messages to the lower half of the screen when in dialogue to prevent dialogue text overlap
  • Fixed question mark above NPCs not following their movement

You can read more about the update here.

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