Death Stranding Story Leaks Online

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It is a big "Yikes!"
It is a big "Yikes!" Sony

For those who are having a hard time understanding what Death Stranding is all about, right now is the perfect time to sit back and know a thing or two about its story. Or, shall we say, it is time you guys bury your head if you want to avoid all spoilers.

Fans and players alike have known for more than a week that Death Stranding is in the hands of influencers and reviewers across the map. Surprisingly, spoilers for the upcoming PS4-exclusive have already started to leak out online. Well, we have already anticipated this coming, no?

We’ll say it again – Kojima Production’s highly anticipated title, which is poised to arrive in about two weeks from now, has had most of its narrative details and story pieces leaked on all corners of the internet. Even new gameplay footage and a handful of screenshots have found their way online, all of which seem to feature everything from new locations to some of the many celebrity cameos the developers promised in the past would appear throughout the in-game experience.

Now, before you proceed and chance upon these spoilers, this article should serve as a warning. If you are like many other fans, you surely do not want to be spoiled about anything related to Death Stranding, even if you only know little about it. Your best course of action is to steer clear from these spoilers until the game officially launches. Besides, even if you have read the entire plot of the game, you will still have a hard time understanding what the hell is going on without actually experiencing it.

Nonetheless, we here at Player.One believe that these spoilers or what have you do not have the teeth to ruin the experience. Of course, it cannot be denied that the time is somewhat right and that it is almost impossible not to be tempted.

Anyway, Death Stranding is set to hit PS4 next month on November 8. You can expect reviews to surface starting November 1.

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