‘Death Stranding’: Hideo Kojima Shares Development Update And Damn, Is This Guy Thorough

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Death Stranding
Norman Reedus teams up with Kojima Productions for Death Stranding. Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima shared a brief development update for Death Stranding , revealing a little insight into his creative process.

Kojima updated his Twitter followers about what exactly he’s working on regarding Death Stranding . The Metal Gear Solid creator said he “was working mainly on the game design, this week going back to focus on the scenario development.” And then he went on to explain how he goes about creating the game:

For the most part, Kojima has shied away from revealing details about the Death Stranding production. In fact, he admitted during an episode of his YouTube series HideoTube back in 2016 why he’s so cautious about the information he releases. Turns out Kojima is extremely fearful of leaks coming from his production.

"So every single year, there are leaks before E3," Kojima said regarding the big E3 announcement of Death Stranding. “So we didn't let more than five people at Sony know about [the reveal]."

So far the only information confirmed about the game is Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen have joined the production to portray unnamed characters in the game. There were rumblings claiming Kojima wants Emma Stone to join the cast, but the game developer hasn’t commented on the rumors.

If you want to learn a little bit more about Death Stranding , another PS4 exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn , has some Easter Eggs waiting for you. The game features several callbacks to the two Death Stranding trailers released in 2016. What’s interesting is the inclusion of the items leads players to believe the event of Death Stranding took place well before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn . Learn more about the Death Stranding Easter eggs in Horizon Zero Dawn here.

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