Death Stranding: Here's All The Editions Available For Pre-Order

The Collector's Edition even includes your very own Bridge Baby, for those excursions into purgatory.
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Death Stranding is now up for pre-order, and here are the editions to choose from.
Death Stranding is now up for pre-order, and here are the editions to choose from. Kojima Productions

Yesterday saw the debut of the release date trailer for Death Stranding, and even after some very lengthy exposition, a lot of people still don’t have the faintest idea of what Kojima’s next title is about. However, it does not mean that the hype has been killed; in fact, it’s just gotten stronger, what with a release date to look forward to: November 8, 2019.

While Death Stranding is still largely shrouded in an air of mystery, like invisible BTs, Bridge babies and skeleton troopers led by a cigarette-smoking Mads Mikkelsen, we do know some concrete information about what to expect from Hideo Kojima’s next title; that is, what editions will be available for its launch date and pre-orders.

According to its PlayStation Store page, Death Stranding has four editions available for pre-order and at launch. Check them all out below to find out which one is for you.

Collector’s Edition

The only true answer to ‘what edition to buy’ if you consider yourself to be the biggest fan of Hideo Kojima and his work. This Collector’s Edition, while still not priced yet in the PlayStation Store, is going for $199 at Best Buy and includes the following:

  • BRIDGES Cargo Case, a replica of the cargo case Norman Reedus wields in the game
  • Full-Sized BB Pod, a scale model of the Bridge Baby found in the game
  • Custom Steelbook, which holds the full Death Stranding game
  • Ludens Keychain, a small collectible featuring the Kojima Productions mascot
  • Death Stranding: Timefall, the original OST from the world of Death Stranding. This edition includes both the music album as a digital download, plus a behind-the-scenes making of video.
  • 10 PlayStation Network Character Avatars, including Ludens.
  • In-game items including a Gold Power Skeleton, Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses, Lvl. 2 Gold Armor Plate and Gold All-Terrain Skeleton. All in-game items will be unlocked via in-game progression.

Digital Deluxe Edition

A cheaper version of the Collector’s Edition that comes without the physical goodies. Get this if you only want the digital stuff that comes with a special edition purchase. The full game is available via a digital download as well. The Digital Deluxe Edition costs $79.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Special Edition

This one has a custom steelbook for the Death Standing, plus the included Death Stranding: Timefall OST. It also has an in-game item called Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses, which you can unlock via story progression. The Special Edition costs $69.99 on Best Buy.

Standard Edition

Available on both disc and as a digital download for $60.

If you choose to pre-order now, you will receive in-game bonuses regardless of which version you purchased. These in-game items include:

  • Gold “Sam” Sunglasses
  • Gold Bridges Hat
  • Gold Bridges Armor Plate
  • Gold Speed Skeleton
  • Dynamic Death Stranding Theme
  • Chibi Ludens PSN Avatar

To find out more, check out Death Stranding’s PlayStation Store page right here.

Death Stranding is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019.

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