Death Stranding Guide: Some Delivery Tips To Get You Going

  • Playstation 4
Learn the basics of delivery.
Learn the basics of delivery. Kojima Productions

Death Stranding has just been released to the PlayStation 4. While the PC version is not expected to be released until next year, pre-orders are now being accepted through the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Death Stranding follows Sam Porter Bridges, voiced by Norman Reedus, who works for the company Bridges. With the world now in tatters and the survivors living on colonies, it is Bridges and its couriers that are tasked with delivering supplies to colonies.

In today's guide, we give some tips on how to best go about your job delivering items.

One thing to remember is that your goal is to deliver resources. When you deliver requested goods, it often lets you unlock enhanced tools and interesting plot points, particularly regarding survivors. It even gives you access to fun cosmetic options. What this means is that when you have the necessary resources to make multiple deliveries per trip, then you should go for it. This lets you get access to more items faster.

Being able to make the deliveries also increases the chiral connection for that particular area. The stronger the connection, the more chiral bandwidth is made available for online structures like bridges, roads, watchtowers, and more. What these structures do is they turn what were previously arduous treks into more simple trips.

In addition, delivering requested goods or lost cargo gets you Likes that can increase your reputation further as a transporter. As your rating rises, your cargo capacity, among others, can also improve. Thus, make sure that whenever you're on the move, you should always have an open order. Be sure to always have something on your back.

When delivering orders, you can decide to just trek it and enjoy the sites. There's also the choice to get on a bike or a truck. If you're feeling a little generous and brave, steal a MULE truck. MULEs are rogue porters that are obsessed with cargo and stockpile a lot of it in their camps. When using vehicles, you'll probably drive on highways. However, auto pavers typically ask for a lot of resources. Once you activate a section of highway, you'll start to get Likes. When other players make use of this path, you'll get more notifications and, of course, Likes.

If you have too much stuff and still want to get more, look for a Postbox. This is a place where you can stash your items securely. You can then return to the Postbox once you have a larger capacity.

That's it for now. This guide may be short, but hopefully this helps you get started. Expect more in the coming days. You can read more about the PlayStation release here. You can pre-order Death Stranding for the PC on Steam and Epic Games.

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