Deadside: Update 0.4.0 Now Live on PTS; Brings New Items and Gunplay Improvements

Update 0.4.0
Update 0.4.0 Steam

Update 0.4.0 for the hardcore multiplayer shooter Deadside is now available on the game’s public test server. Be sure to hop on the PTS if you want to try the latest features.

So, what’s in store for you in Update 0.4.0? Well, this patch adds new items, including those specifically for obtaining water and some meant for hunting.

This patch also implements gunplay improvements. For one, gun recoil has been changed, so maybe there are certain weapons that do not have as much recoil per shot as before. Weapon animations and camera behavior while shooting has been improved as well.

Another huge change in Deadside’s recent update is that it is now possible for your weapons to get jammed. Fortunately, you can disassemble them and use repair kits to fix the problem.

Patch Notes

  • Durability and weapon wear have been added
  • Repair weapons on the workbench or by using a repair kit
  • Weapon repair toolkits have been added to event rewards
  • The first fauna inhabitants have been added to the game world: wild ducks
  • Hunting mechanics have been added
  • You can now cook food on a campfire
  • Added a new item: duck whistle
  • Added a new item: duck meat
  • Added a new item: Army flask
  • Added a new base module: water collector
  • Added a new item: polyethylene
  • Added the mechanics of obtaining fresh water using a collector
  • The allocation has been changed along with an increased amount of canned food and water available in the world
  • The allocation of weapons in the world has been changed
  • The assortment of safe zone traders has been changed: food, grenades and some types of weapons are no longer available for purchase
  • The assortment of roaming traders has been changed: weapons have been added and prices have been adjusted
  • The AI's arsenal of weapons has been changed
  • Added 15 campsites throughout the peninsula
  • Coastlines have been redesigned
  • The effects of the character's condition have been changed: with satiety and hydration parameters equal to or above 90%, regeneration and movement speed have been increased
  • Improved HUD
  • Improved the camera of parkour and taunt usage
  • The firing lag in automatic mode has been fixed, in case of LMB spam
  • The sound of the last dropped cartridge can now be heard
  • Shooting and reloading are no longer blocked when the weapon is reloaded immediately after the shot
  • Reloading during firing now cancels/breaks shooting
  • Weapons now shoot while the LMB is pressed, after interacting with an obstacle
  • The "Move to inventory" option now works for a dead body
  • You’ll no longer disconnect from the server due to movements during interaction with the storage box

Deadside Update 0.4.0 PTS is available on PC.

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