Deadside: Update 0.2.6 Beta Now Available on Public Test Server

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Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter where you go against random gangs or other players in a post-apocalyptic environment. That said, Update 0.2.6 beta is now available on the public test server (PTS).

The latest beta patch introduces some cool features, like a new system that allows you to choose your preferred respawn point from the available ones on the respawn screen map. Furthermore, those who play using headphones will love the significant improvements made to the environment sounds, especially when it comes to spatial positioning.

For bug fixes, the issue where any changes made to the sound settings on the main menu are not applied correctly upon server connection has been resolved. Another major problem that got fixed is that your base no longer gets destroyed if you do not log into the server within a week.


  • Base building availability zones expanded
  • New location “Silo," located between lower Safe Zone and Dubovoy
  • New furniture added to houses interior
  • World map icons redesign
  • Shot sound attenuation based on the distance to the shooter tweaked
  • “Press Enter” death screen removed
  • Main menu changes to the sound settings are not applied upon server connection
  • Map legend’s position is shifted on the spawn screen
  • Boxes used for craft no longer have collision
  • Traders have wrong items count if this item was added to the starter kit
  • Wrong number of logs displayed in the message after player cuts down a tree
  • Autorun works with the main menu opened
  • Right-click menu is not always properly opened upon right mouse button click
  • Wrong items spawn cooldown after moving an item into the crafted box
  • Sometimes weapon modifiers placed in inventory work incorrectly
  • Sometimes, the player gets disconnected when shuffling certain items in inventory
  • Markers are not fully visible at the edges of the screen
  • ADS (Aiming Down Sights) mode can get stuck after ESC is pressed
  • Render distance is too low for crates on player’s bases
  • Foam on the water on Mid and Low graphics settings
  • Various graphical content issues

It is worth noting that your game progress will be fully wiped with this update. The changes in this patch are expected to go to live servers on February 1.

Deadside Update 0.2.6 beta is now available on PC.

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