Deadside Update 0.1.10 Includes New Locations, Events, And Mechanics

Deadside Update 0.1.10
Deadside Update 0.1.10 steam

Bad Pixel, the developer of Deadside, just released a new update that adds tons of new mechanics and content to the survival game. The developers have added a new activity where players have to claim cargo by killing heavily armed paratroopers. The activity spawns at random times, but the spawn rate has been increased in the test version.

The latest update also introduces Medicine and some health parameters which depend on such as thirst and hunger.

Deadside Update 0.1.10 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Helicopter crash site

New game activity: a fallen helicopter, guarded by the surviving paratroopers, who are more dangerous and aggressive than usual bots. You can get a valuable cargo as a reward if you kill them.

New locations

Lighthouses located in the South-West and North of the map.

New missions

You can find them in the agro-industrial area near the Cherny Log, military base in the north and both lighthouses.


Character’s health will slowly regenerate now. The speed will depend on the levels of thirst and hunger. If at least one of the parameters is red health will not regenerate. If one of them is yellow health will regenerate, but slower.

New items

  • Painkillers, heals you quickly, but will also decrease your thirst
  • Med-X will restore significant amount of your health, but your thirst and hunger will also decrease greatly.

Both of these items you can find in the world, get as a reward for different missions and Med-X you can also craft yourself if you find necessary components.

Pay attention, that if your hunger and thirst decrease to 0 then all kind of healing will be impossible.

Equipment crafting

Radios, flashlights, and electronic locks will now appear less in the world, but you will be able to craft them yourself with electronic components, spare parts and other items. In one of the upcoming updates we will add more very useful craft options.

Breath hold

The left shift (default) while aiming.

Other fixes and changes

  • Steam Family Sharing is prohibited because of the amount of abuse cases (gamebreaking exploit)
  • Added random bot encounters in some locations
  • Changes of balance, hearing and vision for bots (should be less of instant kills from shotgun, guard in watchtower will spot players from a greater distance)
  • Many masks and hat can be torn to rags
  • Vodka, moonshine and alcohol can be stacked (3 items in 1 stack)
  • Fixed armor on some Halloween masks
  • Fixed incorrect damage to the helmets from heavy weapons
  • Fixed ability to interact with items while using gestures
  • Fixed ability to use items while walking into the water
  • Fixed: in some case the amount of ammo didn’t update in the interface
  • Bases and stashes can be deleted in the Admin Panel
  • Some items can be disassembled into spare parts and electronic components
  • Fixed bugs with taunts, aiming and freelook (Left Alt)
  • Increased the reload speed of shotguns
  • Fixed door opening/closing bugs
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