Dead Space 2 Turns 10 Years Old

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Dead Space 2 is the pinnacle of the Dead Space trilogy, and undeniably one of the most significant survival-horror pieces of all time. Electronic Arts

Back in 2011, when Electronic Arts was still figuring out how to work the survival-horror genre, EA Redwood Shores (now Visceral Games) came up with a unique idea: combine the best parts of the horror genre while introducing a tactical approach to its combat mechanics. The move by the studio made it clear to everyone that this would be the next big thing to hit the horror genre at the time.

Ten years later, Dead Space 2, the sequel to the original Dead Space, is still remembered as a pioneer for an entirely new genre. The sequel reinvented the survival-horror scene with its terrifying set pieces and intuitive gameplay that still holds up to current games in terms of raw storytelling.

After a post from The Game Awards on Twitter about the game turning 10 years old now, fans flocked to social media to show their love and support for the title with the #DeadSpace2. They also recounted what made the game special to them and how it made a big impact on the horror genre. Despite the mixed feelings with Dead Space 3, fans still celebrate the crowning achievements of Dead Space 2 as they revere it as the best entry in the Dead Space franchise.

Fans also took the opportunity to express their thanks and support for Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space. Last month, Schofield and his team at Striking Distance gave us the first look at their new IP slated for 2022 called The Callisto Protocol. Designed to be another survival-horror game and possibly a spiritual successor to Dead Space, fans can look forward to another possible gem for the genre. For now, we can only hope as we relive the nostalgia with the masterpiece in nightmares that is the Dead Space trilogy.

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