Dead by Daylight Patch 6.5.1: Survivor Can See Generator Progress and Crucial Bug Fixes

Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0
Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0 Steam

Dead by Daylight’s latest patch was released recently and it’s an important one. It may lack new content but it boasts a ton of bug fixes and improvements. It also changes the game version to 6.5.1.

The survivor player can now see the generator progress via HUD, and the frame rate during Killer Moris has been stabilized. Closing the game won’t result in a crash anymore, and a Customization Reward notification now appears as it should. More details are mentioned below.

Bug Fixes
  • Switching to a loadout with the same Add-On in a different position will no longer cause disconnection from a lobby.
  • Items on sale in the Store display the correct discounted Iridescent Shard price.
  • The copyright year has been updated in the intro trailer.
Custom Games
  • In a Custom Game, changing to Survivor after having multiple players in the Killer role now displays the correct role to all party members.
  • Bots will now hit regular Skill Checks correctly.
Killer Bugs
  • The Knight can no longer break an un-dropped Pallet that was reset by the Perk Any Means Necessary.
  • Lethal Pursuer will no longer inadvertently reveal Auras while Blinded.
  • The Hillbilly’s Chainsaw no longer risks going silent when using the Apex Muffler or Off-Brand Motor Oil Add-Ons.
  • The Whispers icon no longer appears lit before its first activation.
  • The Nurse will now gain Blink Charge correctly while using Jenner’s Last Breath.
  • Status Effects from The Pig’s Add-Ons will no longer remain after a Reverse Bear Trap has been removed.
  • Killers will no longer receive Merciless Killer after Killing fewer than 4 Survivors.
  • Killers will no longer get stuck in the Shattered Square Map.
  • Fixed an unreachable Bear Trap placement in the Gas Haven Map.
  • Killers can no longer climb on the Vat Room rails in The Game Map.
  • Killers can no longer completely body block access to basements in the Autohaven Wreckers Realm.
Survivor Bugs
  • Female Survivor legs will no longer clip through the ground during The Nurse’s Mori.
  • The Red Envelope of a dead or disconnected Survivor will no longer remain visible.
  • The Breakout Perk icon is now correctly visible to Survivors being affected by it
  • Carried Survivors are now able to see if they are affected by Iron Grasp.
  • Missing a Skill Check when letting go of a Generator will now lead to a loss of Potential Energy Tokens.
  • The Map Item no longer allows for indefinite Aura reading.
  • Survivors using the Glass Bead Add-On can now make Markers as intended.
  • The Healing Hud icon will not activate when a Survivor is in a Cage of Atonement.
  • The HUD Indicator should now reveal accurate Generator progress information.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause Reverse Bear Traps to remain floating in front of the Jigsaw Box after being removed.

The complete patch notes of Dead by Daylight Patch 6.5.1 can be read on Steam.

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