Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog DLC: New Killer, Survivor, and Map

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Dead by Daylight players will be happy to know about all the additions that the recent update brings. Forged in Fog DLC brings new features, new content, and more. A free patch available to everyone is also live offering balancing changes, general improvements, and more.

The DLC costs $6.99 and it features a new Killer and Survivor. The new Killer is The Knight and the Survivor is named Vittorio Toscano, both having access to three new perks each. A new map called The Shattered Square is added as well, and thankfully, it is available for free to every player. The existing Basement map also received some changes.

You can read two new characters in great detail below.

New Killer - The Knight
New Perk - Nowhere to Hide
  • Whenever you damage a generator, reveal the aura of all Survivors standing within 24 meters of your position for 3/4/5 seconds
New Perk - Hex: Face the Darkness
  • Injuring a Survivor by any means lights a Dull Totem, activating the Hex. While the Hex is active, all other Survivors outside of your Terror Radius will scream every 35/30/25 seconds, revealing their positions and auras for 2 seconds. When the Survivor enters the dying state or becomes healthy, the Hex totem becomes dull again and this perk deactivates. If the Hex totem is cleansed, this perk is permanently disabled
New Perk - Hubris
  • Whenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor suffers from the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds. Hubris has a cooldown of 20 seconds
New Survivor - Vittorio Toscano
New Perk - Potential Energy
  • After working on a generator for 12/10/8 uninterrupted seconds, press the Active Ability Button 2 to activate this perk. When this perk is active, repairing the generator will charge this perk instead of making the generator progress. For each 1.5% of generator repair, the perk will gain one token, up to 20 tokens. While this perk has at least one token and you are working on a generator, you can press the Active Ability Button 2 to consume all the tokens and instantly make the generator progress by 1% for each token. This perk then deactivates. If you lose a health state while this perk has at least 1 tokens, the perk will lose all tokens and deactivate. Missing a skill check will also result in some charges lost
New Perk - Fogwise
  • Hitting a great Skill Check while repairing a generator reveals the aura of the Killer to you for 4/5/6 seconds
New Perk - Quick Gambit
  • When you are chased within 24 meters of any generator, any other Survivor working on that generator receives a 6/7/8% speed boost to the repair action

The complete patch notes of Dead by Daylight: Forged in Fog are mentioned on Steam.

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