Dead by Daylight 6.3.0 Mid-Chapter Update Brings New Event and Several Features

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight Steam

Dead by Daylight mid-chapter update is now available for all players. The patch brings a new limited-time event, several highly-demanded features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. The new Haunted by Daylight event will go live tomorrow along with its tome. The Hag now features new music and improvements, and the Archives got small improvements to animations and textures.

Options Menu received several additions like the Accessibility and Online tabs and a handful of tweaks. Social and Privacy options are now listed in Online Tab and Subtitle and Colorblind options are under Accessibility Tab.

  • Trials will now be forced to end after 1 hour or 5 minutes after the End Game Collapse has been triggered
  • Prestige Catch-Up: Characters who were level 50 and prestige 0, 1, or 2 as of the 6.1.0 release will receive 2 bonus prestige levels, as though they had been prestiged.
  • Flashlight Adjustments
    • To reduce strobing and the associated dangers regarding flash-induced seizures, Flashlights now have a slight delay imposed between switching them on and off.
    • The Flashlight click speed is now slower. The sound effect has been adjusted so it matches the new speed.
  • Archives
    • New Challenge Slots in the Archives: Players now can select a Survivor and a Killer challenge at the same time.
      • Any challenges shared by both roles can also be assigned to the slot of your choice, or both slots, if desired.
      • Selecting a slot with an equipped challenge will navigate you to the respective tome and level of the equipped challenge.
    • Completed Challenges now remain in the Archives widget until either claimed or replaced.
      • A new Challenge Complete visual has been added to the archives widget's minimized state to better convey when the challenge you are working on has been completed
    • Removed "press and hold" interaction on challenge nodes
  • The Hag now has new music
  • "Haunted by Daylight" Halloween event (starts October 13th 11AM ET)
  • The Archives
    • Tome 13 - Malevolence tome (opens October 12th 11AM ET)
    • "Haunted by Daylight" Halloween event tome (opens October 13th 11AM ET)
  • Performance and under-the-hood optimizations done to the Huntress.
  • Small improvements to animations and textures in Archives.
  • Optimizations done to animations and audio.

The patch also addresses several dozen bugs and you can read them via Steam.

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