DDOS Attacks Shut Down EVE Online For 10 Days

EVE: Online

EVE Online is currently plagued with DDOS attacks, especially in the US region. The game has been suffering from such attacks for over 10 days now. Although most of the attacks are on US servers, some issues have also been reported on Australian and African servers. Many players are getting an “unable to login” screen and those who somehow get connected are experiencing huge lag spikes and disconnection errors. In-game chat functions have also not been working properly. At this time, there is no ETA on when these issues will be fixed. You can read about connectivity issues on the official EVE forum.

"We're currently fighting at an extreme handicap (to put it lightly) vs an invasion of our region. We're unable to properly defend stuff or contest hostile actions which is crucial in the beginning of a conflict," EVE Online player Lord's Servant, the co-leader of Forsaken Empire, said. "The hostiles have been able to establish themselves in a week in our region because we've been mostly unable to login and contest things like we normally would."

Smaller Alliances have been affected more by these DDOS attacks because several players in the group can’t login to join battles. As a result, they have lost territories that should have been easily defended. You can read the Reddit post by Lord’s Servant where he explained the issue in great detail.

Some US players have avoided this issue by using VPNs, but this is not a solution and merely a workaround. Devs have not been completely silent on the issue, either. Recently EVE Status tweeted: "We are working closely with our partners to improve the situation across the board for everyone affected. Please continue sending your reports to us,”

So what do you think? Are you worried about EVE Online? Do you think publishers should take legal action against the culprits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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