DC Worlds Collide: December 30 Update Introduces a New Legendary Character

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A new legendary character has arrived in DC Worlds Collide. The game’s latest update introduces Doctor Fate, giving you a chance to recruit him to your team by using Super Encrypted Tokens.

After acquiring the new character, you will unlock his exclusive Character Trial. If you want to learn more about Doctor Fate, you should complete it. If you do, you will earn some rare rewards, including Diamonds, Super Encrypted Tokens, and Doctor Fate Fragments.

If you want to get him so badly, there will be a limited-time event starting January 1. During this time, the chance of getting Doctor Fate when using the Super Encrypted Tokens in Recruitment will be increased to 100% upon drawing a legendary character.

You can learn more about the event here.

New Mode

Upon clearing Main Stage 9-30, you will unlock a new mode called System Recovery. Batman’s cruise simulation system was hacked by the Grid’s virus, which resulted in a large number of data blocks being lost in the process.

Your mission is to recover those data blocks. Up to 20 stages can be unlocked every day. Each stage has three data blocks, but you can only get them by satisfying specific conditions.

Every data block that you retrieve grants you a reward. Moreover, collecting all of the data blocks in an area will give you a corresponding chapter reward.

Take note that after reaching the daily limit, you cannot unlock new stages. However, you can go back to the ones you’ve already unlocked for the day to find more data blocks.

Update Highlights

  • Battle Replay
    • The Battle Replay feature has been added to Main Stages, Convergence Crisis, and Evil Falls. Using the Battle Replay feature wisely can help Summoners break through bottlenecks
    • Warworld's Report screen supports Battle Replay
  • Today’s Bulletin
    • Today's Bulletin lets you view the progress of the top 100 players on the server for Main Stages, System Recovery, Convergence Crisis, and Evil Falls, as well as Character Training Points
  • Main Stage Chapters
    • Main Stage Chapters 25 to 28 have been added
    • We've adjusted the conditions for starting, lowered the difficulty, and fixed the display of enemies' Battle Power for certain stages
  • Character Origin: Wonder Woman
    • Once maintenance is complete, players who have cleared Main Stage 7-30 can access Wonder Woman - Origin
  • Adjusted the pool of random debuffs and buffs for Seven Deadly Sins' Lust and Greed in Elseworld to make them more reasonable
  • Fixed the Batcycle Collection Item and issues with incorrect skill damage in certain stages
  • Fixed an issue in which some interfaces would display errors

DC Worlds Collide is available on Android and iOS.

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