DC Heroes & Villains Now Available on Mobile Platforms

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The DC universe has made its presence felt on mobile platforms, with DC Heroes & Villains now available on Android and iOS. This action-packed puzzle role-playing game is developed by Jam City and officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC.

The game offers a new free-to-play gaming experience where players assemble their very own super team, solve challenging puzzles, utilize group skills, and save the DC universe against a galactic threat.

DC Heroes & Villains seems to have the same storyline as that of the Elseworlds title JLA: Act of God. In the game, a mysterious pulse caused heroes and villains to lose their superpowers. As a result, a shaky alliance between the two groups has been formed to fight the mysterious Quintessence of Evil.

Game Features

  • Assemble the Ultimate Team
    • Players can test their match-3 gameplay skills with more than 152 missions.
    • They can collect and build the ultimate super team from at least 60 fan-favorite DC Comics characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Blue Beetle, The Joker, and Harley Quinn.
  • Strengthen and Build Team Powers
    • Build teams for every type of battle based on various DC hero and villain teams like Justice League, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, and more.
    • Group Bonuses can unlock powerful abilities when characters of the same group are used together. This allows them to release devastating synergy attacks to defeat enemies.
    • Players can also unlock new characters and earn more rewards to strengthen teams as they progress through every monthly themed battle pass.
  • Unite and Battle
    • Be ready to engage with Choice Missions through a unique interactive map.
    • Play as Heroes to save the world or as Villains and wreak havoc.
    • Experience high-drama epic boss battles in familiar locations like Gotham City, Metropolis, and Themyscira.
    • In Assault Mode, players climb the PvP Leagues to dominate the competition and earn valuable rewards.

In a statement, Jam City EVP of Games Lisa Anderson shared that they're proud to have partnered with both DC and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. She went on to say that with the game's release, they've managed to expand their portfolio of free-to-play games while making DC fans happy with their own brand of narrative-based and immersive experiences for mobile.

Are you ready to save the DC universe?

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