Days Gone New Mod Makes Hordes Even More Difficult

Days Gone Massive Horde
Days Gone Massive Horde Nexusmods

It's been well over a month since Days Gone, once a PlayStation exclusive title, was released on PC. The post-apocalyptic survival game was well-received by the PC community that praised its optimization and overall design. Since the game reached PC, it was just a matter of time until modders began releasing mods for it.

Mod author "Aigmir" released the Massive Hordes mod for Days Gone that introduced challenging hordes as if the already existing hordes aren't difficult.

The Massive Hordes mod features six horde tiers:

  • Tier 0: This tier includes the Little Bear Lake Horde and it's the easiest horde to deal with. The Freaker count in this horde is 200.

  • Tier 1: The horde here belongs to the Cascade Region. This horde is made up of 280 Freakers and the boss horde comprises 320 Freakers.

  • Tier 2: This horde consists of 360 Freakers found in the Belknap Region. The 400-numbered boss horde can be found in Patjens Lakes Horde.

  • Tier 3: This horde can be found in the Lost Lake Region and consists of 440 Freakers. While the boss horde consists of 480 Freakers found in the Metolius Lava Cave.

  • Tier 4: Highway 97 is where players can find this horde made up of 520 Freakers. For the boss horde, find the 580 Freakers in the Lobert Draw Ridge.

  • Tier 5: Finally, this tier horde is the largest and the most difficult with 600 Freakers found in the Crater Lake Region and the boss horde boasting a frightening 670 Freakers in Mt. Bailey.

The modder also stated that there are everywhere-horde versions, which put you directly against the 500 to 999 Freakers.

Method 1: unpack rar file into - :Users"Username"AppDataLocalBendGameSavedCookedWindowsNoEditor

After installation, the folder structure should look like this:


Method 2: Install the "pak" files into :Users"Username"AppDataLocalBendGameSavedPaks

In case you do not have a Paks folder, you will need to first create it. After installing the "pak" files, you'll have to go to your game's installation directory and rename the "sfpaks" folder to something else, like "sfpaks.backup."

To uninstall the mod, simply delete the BendGame folder from :Users"Username"AppDataLocalBendGameSavedCookedWindowsNoEditor.

Alternatively, delete the Paks folder from :Users"Username"AppDataLocalBendGameSavedPaks, and rename the "sfpaks.backup" folder to "sfpaks."

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