Dawn Of Man: Prehistoric Colony Simulator Looking Great In Its First Week

Week 1 is done and things are looking great for Dawn of Man.
Week 1 is done and things are looking great for Dawn of Man. Madruga Works

Madruga Works’ Dawn of Man is looking to be a smash hit following its launch on March 1. The prehistoric colony simulator is enjoying very positive reviews, and the support for the title has been overwhelming.

To keep up with the community’s demands for improvements, bug fixes, and more, Dawn of Man is now in its second update since release. This brings the game up to version 1.04. The latest update overhauls the game’s camera controls in response to player feedback requesting more nuanced controls.

It's fun, it's deep, and it's surprisingly intimate.
It's fun, it's deep, and it's surprisingly intimate. Madruga Works

Dawn of Man is a colony simulator set in the infancy of mankind. As the leader, players are tasked with guiding humanity towards survival, happiness, and development. Dawn of Man starts players off in the Stone Age, with little more than stone tools and cave dwellings to call home. With grit and determination, players can take their civilization all the way up to the Iron Age, spanning over 10,000 years of prehistoric life and events.

Through a versatile and flexible system, Dawn of Man promises varying levels of complexity. It can be simple enough that players who are new to the city-management genre are able to explore as much as they can about the game and its sprawling, living environment. On the flip side, it can be so complex as to challenge even the most inveterate of survival simulation players.

Dawn of Man has players taking part in the activities of human prehistory. Hunting is a dangerous, but worthwhile endeavor, with the environment teeming with large, predatory fauna like cave lions, mammoths, ancient bison, megaloceros, and more. The environment itself is rich in resources, allowing players to gather water, flint, stone, wood, ores, and more to advance their communities. The game also employs expansion and fortification mechanics, adding an extra layer of conflict that is characteristic of man, both modern and prehistoric. Watch the official Dawn of Man trailer below to see more the game’s intricate mechanics and features.

We’re playing Dawn of Man right now and so far, we like what we see. It’s fun, it’s paced great, and it’s surprisingly intimate. What about you? Will you be playing Dawn of Man? Will you take on the role of leading a benevolent tribe of hunter-gatherers, or will you be a militant community feared by others? Let us know in the comments section below!

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