A David Bowie, Alan Rickman Fan Just Crocheted A Tribute To The Artists That Is Way Cooler Than Is Sounds

A David Bowie, Alan Rickman fan grieving the loss of the stars has crocheted an amazing tribute. Check it out here.
A David Bowie, Alan Rickman fan grieving the loss of the stars has crocheted an amazing tribute. Check it out here. Merique Crochet

A grieving fan of David Bowie and Alan Rickman has channeled her emotion into one of the coolest crocheted tributes imaginable. Now, I know when most of us hear the word “crochet” our head instantly fills with images of cat ladies or grandmothers presenting us with scratchy sweaters, scarves and afghans in color combinations more garish than we even thought was possible, but that isn’t the case here. Artist Anamaria Androne of Merique Crochet perfectly captures the essence of the two beloved stars in a pair of intricately detailed and beautifully crafted crochet dolls.

Androne's David Bowie and Alan Rickman dolls are portrayed as the classic characters of Ziggy Stardust and Professor Severus Snape, respectively.

“I have portrayed them as the characters that made a profound impression on me,” the artist wrote in a blog about the dolls.

The Ziggy Stardust doll captures Bowie’s flamboyant style brilliantly, featuring a pair of orange pants, blue shirt open to halfway down the chest, a shock of red-orange hair and the iconic blue and orange lighting bolt across the doll’s right eye.

Davie Bowie as "Ziggy Stardust"
Davie Bowie as "Ziggy Stardust" Merique Crochet

The Severus Snape doll is equally praiseworthy with its long strings of black yarn hair, dark cape, and tiny magic wand. Fans of either Bowie or Rickman are sure to appreciate the thought Androne put into creating these crocheted dolls, while the artist herself says making of them was cathartic.

Alan Brickman as "Severus Snape"
Alan Brickman as "Severus Snape" Merique Crochet

“I grew up with them [Bowie and Rickman], got inspired by them and felt heartbroken once they were gone … it has been a grieving therapy for me to crochet them – it made me feel that somehow, I will always have them by my side … shine with the stars that you are!”

For those who might want one of the Davie Bowie or Alan Rickman dolls yourself, you visit Androne's website, Merique Crochet. The dolls are priced at $22.00 each. The site also features a number of Androne's other crocheted characters from movies and TV shows like Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Batman. She’ll even take some personal requests if you ask nicely. You can follow Androne and her creations on Instagram, Twitter , Tumblr and Facebook.

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