Dauntless Fortune And Glory Update Preview - Corsair-Themed, With Challenging Trials And Amazing Rewards

The Island of Trials will dole out some very nasty challenges to all who welcome it.
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Dauntless' Fortune & Glory update will be coming to all platforms next week, and here's everything you can expect from it.
Dauntless' Fortune & Glory update will be coming to all platforms next week, and here's everything you can expect from it. Phoenix Labs

Dauntless continues its rise to success. As the free-to-play Monster Hunter-like title recently boasted over 12 million players, it’s also been on a road to unite all gamers under one player base, having secured cross-play rights for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s not far-fetched to say that Nintendo will follow suit, as the game is currently being developed for the Switch, due out later this year.

Phoenix Labs, the game’s developer, still has a lot of things in store for the future of Dauntless and its ever-growing player base. Let’s set our sights on the upcoming one for July 16, when the highly-anticipated Fortune & Glory update (Patch OB 0.9.0) will bring with it a sea of change, including new challenges in the form of the Island of Trials and a new Hunt Pass in the form of High Skies: Fortune & Glory.

The Trials of Lady Luck

Playing Dauntless means always being on the look out for ways to improve your Behemoth-hunting skills, and now you can take it to that next level with the introduction of Lady Luck. She has towed with her a crew and an entire island, which you can find sitting at the edge of Ramsgate. Here, you can test your skills in a variety of challenges, including Behemoths enhanced with dangerous modifiers from other Behemoths.

Of course, completing these challenges aren’t just for bragging rights, as new weapon mods, special moves, and exclusive cosmetics can be purchased with Marks, the newest currency you earn from completing said challenges. Steel Marks are spent on various combat-enhancing items, while Gilded Marks are there for your character customization needs. If you save up enough, you can even unlock a final brand-new cosmetic slot.

If you’re cool with just the bragging rights, then there is a special place for you, as the players with the fastest completion times for each week’s Trial will earn a spot on a Wall of Champions. The Wall is divided into two divisions – Solo and Group, which means that you can undertake the Trial in more ways than one.

The Trial is changed once a week, so you get a chance to crack that leaderboard in a span of seven days. Once a new Trial arrives, the Wall of Champions is wiped clean and you’ll get the chance to participate all over again.

The Island of Trials holds not only modified Behemoths, but dangerous critters as well. Expect the first of these, the smollusks, to drop on July 16. As cute and non-threatening they look, they can present a problem down the road should they overwhelm you, so remember to kill every one you see.

Expect the update to also drop the newest Hunt Pass, called High Skies. All of the cosmetics within are corsair-themed, so if you’re all about that kind of swag, check it out as soon as it drops on the Dauntless site.

Dauntless is now free to play on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store on PC.

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