Darksiders III Keepers Of The Void DLC Is Now Available

Fury gets her crack at the Abyssal Armor
Keepers of the Void, the second DLC for Darksiders III, is now available across all platforms.
Keepers of the Void, the second DLC for Darksiders III, is now available across all platforms. THQ Nordic

Fans of the Darksiders series can now have something to tide them over as we all wait for Darksiders Genesis. THQ Nordic officially released the newest DLC for Darksiders III, titled Keepers of the Void. Check out the release trailer for Keepers of the Void below.

The new areas look interesting, but what really caught my attention were the new weapons. It seems that Fury is able to wield more than a few of these new weapons, as well as fight new enemies with them.

Keepers of the Void takes place inside the spaces between the Serpent Holes, a series of wormholes used by the merchant Vulgrim. The Horsemen also used them extensively, and in the games they’re the fast travel mechanic that helps players traverse the oftentimes huge open world map. It will be interesting to see what kind of horrors await Fury here, as Vulgrim tasks her with traveling into the Serpent Holes themselves to remove an ancient great threat.

In addition to new enemies to destroy, areas to discover, and weapons to wield, Keepers of the Void will also give players new puzzles to solve. I’m of the opinion that the series’ use of puzzles is very much underrated, particularly because the series is viewed first and foremost as hack and slash action adventure titles. It’s amazing to see that puzles get their due in Darksiders III, because overall the puzzles in that game were amazing.

As for rewards, well, you’ll essentially get new weapons to play with, which are all armaments from the Hollows. Of course, the biggest prize lies in the final reward, which is the powerful Abyssal Armor finally making its return to the series. In the previous two games, the Abyssal Armor was an endgame reward meant to give players an incentive for completing the title way after the credits rolled. I’d argue that the set should have been available from the get-go for Darksiders III, as well as the Crucible challenges – but how are you supposed to monetize it then?

In any case, Keepers of the Void is now available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. If you haven’t tried out any game in the series yet and want to get in on the fun, then there’s quite a huge sale going on now over at Steam, including a collection with all three games. Check it out here.

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