Darksiders II Nintendo Switch Release Listed By EB Games Canada

Saving your brother and preventing the apocalypse - on the go.
Darksiders II will reportedly see a Switch release on August 30.
Darksiders II will reportedly see a Switch release on August 30. THQ Nordic

Another week, another leak, this time for an upcoming Switch port which may please fans of THQ Nordic’s titles.

The website for EB Games Canada has listed Darksiders II coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 30. It has pre-orders up, and this is considered weird since there have been no official teasers beforehand of its listing. It looks like the game will be sold for $29.99, and going by the ‘pick up @ store’ option, it’s very likely that the game will have a physical release.

Darksiders II is an action-adventure hack-and-slash title with some role-playing elements. It is the sequel to the very underrated Darksiders, also developed by Vigil Games and published by the now-defunct THQ. However, this title doesn’t star the Horseman War, as was the case in Darksiders; instead, you get to play the game as his brother, the Horseman Death. The overarching story features the impending end of the world and how it’s intertwined with the lives and journeys of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War (Darksiders), Death (Darksiders II), Fury (Darksiders III) and Strife.

Darksiders II sees Death try to absolve his brother War of his supposed role in bringing about the apocalypse early. It mixes beat-em-up style action with some puzzle platforming elements such as those found in the original God of War. It also features interchangeable weapons and armor, as well as skill trees depending on what kind of playstyle you are going for. A remastered version of the game, called Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, was made available back in 2015, and was developed by Gunfire Games, now known for their work on Darksiders III.

The game is expected to be the Deathinitive Edition, so players who buy the title on the Switch will find various DLCs and other unlockables already made available to them. Once it releases, Darksiders II will be available for all current gen platforms and the PC.

This is not the only title to be leaked, however, as EB Games Canada has also listed Biomutant, which is also set to release on the same platform next year.

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