Darksiders Genesis Introduces The Horseman War In New Trailer

The silver-haired bringer of destruction makes his return to the series.
A new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis has been released, this time introducing the character of War.
A new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis has been released, this time introducing the character of War. THQ Nordic

We’ve got a brand-new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis, despite its release date continuing to elude many of its fans. The game’s official announcement back at E3 a few months ago was met with a positive reception from the series’ fans, as the spinoff provides us a first crack with the final Horseman, Strife, while changing up the gameplay from the usual third-person hack and slash affair to a top-down dungeon crawler and looter.

Most of the past promos have showed off the various collector's editions you can get for Darksiders: Genesis, but the newest trailer puts a spotlight on one of its protagonists, the returning youngest Horseman War. For the first time in the series, co-op takes center stage as players can choose to play as either War or Strife in this top-down adventure from Airship Syndicate. Check out this new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis, introducing the character of War.

As far as character trailers go, this one takes a silent approach, letting the ferocity of War in combat speak for itself. The gameplay snippets show the Horseman utilizing many of his moves from his outing in the first Darksiders, which should be a pleasant surprise for fans. The brief snippet at the end also showed him in his Chaos form, where he becomes a terrible being of fire that’s capable of dishing out tons of damage.

As far as characters go, War is an honorable, serious, yet savage Nephilim, one of the four surviving beings that keeps the Balance of all things. He’s the youngest Horseman, wielding an enormous blade named Chaoseater and taming a blackened horse named Ruin. Darksiders: Genesis takes place before the events of the first game, which sees War and his brother Strife investigating a plot by the demon king Lucifer to upset the delicate Balance by granting terrible power to several master demons throughout Hell.

While it would be nice to finally play as Strife in a Darksiders game, War is still a welcome addition, especially to those who prefer his melee approach to combat. It's also great for those with a penchant for his long, white hair.

Darksiders: Genesis will be released some time this year for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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